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How to Make Your Desk Go from Sitting to Standing with a Push of a Button?

How to Make Your Desk Go from Sitting to Standing with a Push of a Button?

Using a standing desk is becoming increasingly common. You might have already seen somebody using it. You might be also wondering which benefits an adjustable desk brings and whether it is worth purchasing one for yourself.

Standing desks or their height-adjustable models have several benefits. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you might appreciate everything that they bring indeed. Among the proven benefits of using a quality adjustable standing desk are:

  • Reduction or elimination of back pain caused by loads determined by a sitting position: it is proven that while sitting, our back doesn`t have that natural shape that it shall have. Thus, pains are constant companions of everybody who spends hours in a sitting position. While you are standing though, your back takes a natural shape. Thus, pains might be eliminated, both in the back and in the neck.
  • Weight loss: even though slowly, but you are losing weight when standing. Of course, one shall not expect the result immediately, and still, it is needed to eat healthy food and do exercises. But if you are using a standing desk, you burn more calories. Thus, the effect is more evident. 
  • Diabetes prevention: after food, some people suffer from a sudden increase of sugar level in blood. They start feeling sleepy – this is the first sign that a person might be in danger of getting diabetes. A perfect option to get rid of this sleepiness is by reducing the sugar level. And it can be achieved with an exercise, for example, a short walk. If you have such an opportunity, use it. If not, using a height-adjustable desk might be the option you need.

Buying or Making a Height-Adjustable Desk?

You might want a high-end adjustable desk. However, a ready option might cost more than 1,000 USD. If you are ready for such expenses, select the option you like and go for it. Many companies offer a special tool called a desk builder. This online tool helps you to make your own desk from already available elements. You pick the available options and check how they look together. A price for the selected option is shown, too, to prepare you for the expenses.

If you aren`t ready for such expenses, you might want to make a height-adjustable table instead of buying a ready solution. That would save you a couple of hundreds of dollars. 

 How to Make Your Desk Go from Sitting to Standing with a Push of a Button?

How to Make a Height-Adjustable Desk: Instructions

If you have decided to make a desk instead of buying it, you can choose from several options.

You can make everything on your own. For that, you need to have tools and materials. Well, to tell the truth, good skills and technical knowledge is needed, too. You need to know how to work with wood, MDF, or any other material that you choose for the desktop. Then, you need to know how to choose components of the lifting system and to combine them in a working mechanism. If by now, you are feeling confused, you might want to prefer a different option.

What about trying to make a desk from ready components? You might use your favorite desk and equip it with a lifting system. Remove the top from the desk. It will be the top of your new adjustable desk. Now, choose a lifting system. A good manufacturer will offer you a number of options. 

You can select a ready lifting system. The main advantage of a ready system is that you don`t need any specific knowledge. You just fix your desktop to the frame and use it. It might be quite a pricey option, though. 

Another option is cheaper. You can choose actuators to install in a frame that is already available in your home. You might want to build a frame, too. If you prefer such an option, there are things to pay attention to. 

One of them is the weight that your actuators shall be able to lift. Consider not only the weight of your desktop but also the weight of the equipment and materials that you might use. 

Then, check the stroke length. It is recommended to add up to 2 inches from both sides in addition to the distance at which your actuator will move. 

Check whether the actuator is silent enough. You don`t want to run out of the room every time when you need to adjust the table heights. If you have any hesitations, consult a specialist. Usually, reliable manufacturers provide an option to contact one of their specialists and ask for help. 

Now, you can check once more which option is more appropriate for you and move on with your height-adjustable desk.