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How to View Other People’s Stories with Instagram Story Downloader?

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Eren Li from Pexels

Instagram is one of the largest social networks and is currently the sixth most popular social platform in the world. Instagram has made a significant contribution to the development of global blogging and has become the main source of income for many leaders. It’s amazing that the average user spends almost 2 hours (116 minutes) online every day – a full five years and 4 months in a lifetime. At the same time, the time we spend on the Internet every day is increasing every year. We never stop enjoying watching educational or entertaining videos, reading interesting posts, but lately, live stories have been massively gaining popularity. This is a separate tape with photos and 15-second videos. This tool is very popular because the content disappears after 24 hours from the time it was posted. With its help, we can constantly communicate with users and at the same time not overload the main feed, and also be aware of the latest events.

Viewing stories using incognito mode

It’s one thing to watch the stories of popular Instagram bloggers and just fascinating accounts. It is not so significant for us that these profiles will know that we are viewing them. But what if you want to observe stories and go unnoticed, it happens, doesn’t it? Well, for example, accounts of competitors, enemies, or former friends/girlfriends? It turns out that secretly viewing other people’s stories is not complicated at all! What is not on the Internet! For every function, there is almost always a reaction, like Instagram story downloader. This online Insta story saver is a safe and cost-free alternative to various complicated software.

Since viewing content anonymously is against Instagram rules and the wishes, you will not find any mobile applications that would specialize in this particular function. I want to note that Instagram is working more closely with the App Store to remove applications that are unwanted for them, so at the moment you will not find a single working application, although there are a lot of them in the App Store search and, attention, very many are aimed only at ensuring that you issue subscription. Sometimes they even lure you with a conditionally free subscription, but in fact, write off large sums.

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Today I want to share with you a useful proven online tool, easy to use, does not require the creation of fake accounts, and best of all, without any registration and absolutely free. You do not need to download suspicious applications at your own risk. It doesn’t matter what operating system you are running on, the model of your mobile phone, tablet, or any device. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

If you want to download and view IG stories, you must know the nickname of a specific user. But there is one thing – if the page is private, unfortunately, it will not be achievable to see them. As for personal pages, browsing anonymously is impossible.

Below you can see the algorithm that will be required to view the necessary content. First, open a website of Toolzu story downloader; then enter a username in the search bar and hit the ‘Download’ button; Finally, you will find all the episodes available for the last 24-hour period. Select the ones you like and save them.

Why should you try Toolzu?

  • no limit on the amount of content saved
  • absolutely free
  • simple to use
  • fast and is limited only by  Wi-Fi connection
  • its interface is user-friendly, convenient
  • it does not take a lot of time, but the outcome will totally satisfy everyone

Now the best content can be saved from your favorite leaders. To top it off, you may publish those pics and clips on your own page, share them with your friends, and do whatever you please. Perhaps that is a great possibility to keep up with other people’s daily updates.

Different unofficial programs will always exist. If you still make up your mind to take the risk, read the user agreement carefully and think twice before giving the application access to your personal data. The best choice at present is Toolzu. This service does not require any personalized information, logins, or paroles. It just helps with downloading any Stories you like. Be careful, try to read app reviews before installing. Have a great mood, spies!