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How Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow

How Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow

There are many important ways that the social media platform Twitter can help your business grow. Whether you own/work at a small business or are a leader at a large corporation, Twitter and other social media outlets have become powerful ways to engage with new target markets and drive sales. The platform enables businesses to build a brand personality, nurture potential customers and create a community around a specific product or company. If your business has been struggling to achieve profitability, only reaching a small portion of the interested market, or wants to kickstart your next campaign, you’re in the right place. 

But first, in order to unlock all of the benefits that Twitter has to offer, you will need followers, a history of re-tweets, and likes on your posts that will show reputability. Twitter followers, like the ones provided by Tweetboost, can be the key to your digital marketing success! A follower can drive conversation, answer questions about reputability and even convince potential customers that your business model or brand is better than the competitors’. Because of how engaging and personal that social media can be, users genuinely feel like they are allies with the brands that they are able to engage with consistently. 

Engage with New Audiences

TWTR, the app headed by CEO Jack Dorsey, is one of the most effective ways to engage with new audiences and reach new target markets with your messaging. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it’s easy to understand why global marketing teams are taking advantage of the text-based platform. Through messaging and re-tweets, any individual can become an influencer, and any small business can grow its following into a viral phenomenon. Viral marketing is a term used to describe marketing efforts involving videos, photos, memes, tweets, and even retweets. All of these forms of communication can go viral like these interior design YouTube Channel and can be quickly spread across the internet. Viral marketing can lead to increased traffic, decreased ad-spend and even a permanent place in internet marketing history for your business. 

If you are the type of marketing manager or CEO who is not interested in posting Tweets, Twitter can also be used as a lead generation tool. While this function is best served alongside posts such as text communication and likes, it is possible to gain a lot of value from the leads that are available for free. Through the app, segmenting target markets has never been easier. Without ever posting a single tweet, you are able to type specific phrases into the search bar to find people and groups talking about relevant topics to your business. If you are a real estate agent in Los Angeles, searching for “housing available in California” in the search bar to locate users discussing housing prices and availability may be the optimal way to generate leads without ever purchasing expensive lists. To utilize one of the original social media platforms to generate leads, you don’t have to be a content creator.

 How Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow

Retweets and Tweets

A tweet is simply a message of text that is required to be less than 280 characters. It can contain a short video, a picture, and even hashtags that tie it to other users who are interested in similar references or information. Tweets are broadcast to your entire audience of followers and can be recycled to new groups of followers through an action that is called a retweet. A retweet is similar to what Instagram or Facebook users would think of as a share and essentially spreads a message to the user who retweeted the posts’ following. 

· Communicate directly with end-customers

· Build your voice

· Engage followers

· Reach new target markets

· Influence thought leaders.

Keep Followers Engaged & Create a Community

Throughout the sales process, it is always essential to ensure that followers are engaged and able to access the information they need. This information could be about new product uses, interfaces, customer service, and more! Through Twitter, successful businesses worldwide engage with target markets and customer bases before any purchase is made and post-purchase to ensure that they are continually involved with the relevant brand. 

Even if the first sales cycle is complete, it does not mean that the customer’s lifetime value has been maximized. Through essential Twitter communication and retweets about products, special releases, and sales, it’s possible to keep customers returning for more information about an industry or to explore additional product offerings. Creating a community of like-minded individuals through Twitter means engaging with a few leaders in the group and then stepping back and watching the community grow. As the community grows, so will your brand loyalty and the number of repeat customers. An online community of Twitter followers that engage with your content and answer questions posed by other users will only bolster your reputability and encourage visitors to join in.

For information about how to engage a large community of users and the power of engaged Twitter followers, check out this internal page that TWTR posts to explain their expansive reach further. If lead generation or driving sales are on your to-do list, this is the platform to get those tasks done. 

Constructing a Brand Voice and Influencing Followers

Constructing your brand tone of voice can be difficult. The task then becomes even more challenging if there is not a lot of traffic landing on your website. So, what is a brand voice, and what does it have to do with influence? A brand voice or company tone of voice is how you express yourself to your audience through content (website, video, social media, and more). At the same time, a consistent brand voice is crucial—none of the content matters without a significant following to reach. Tweeting to a group of followers can affirm a businesses’ voice. It can also help a company appeal to a whole new segment of users.   

When you are trying to sell an original product or service, consider your target market. One of the easiest ways to get a customer interested is to align with the values and voice that they identify with the most. Through social media platforms, it’s possible to associate your business with world leaders, social media influencers, and allies in your industry. By retweeting a well-liked or viral tweet, your marketing team can convey a concise message. A message regarding the type of company a buyer is supporting when they choose you over a competitor.  


In conclusion, there are plenty of tactics that can be used to grow your business with Twitter. No business is too large, and no business is too small to benefit from increased engagement on social media, especially if retweets and likes from a large following are involved. A simple tweet or retweet may seem like a few keystrokes on your mobile device, but it can be much more! A simple tweet can be introducing your brand to a new potential customer who could then be an influencer over an entire group of people that you had never been able to influence before directly. The larger your following on Twitter is, the more likely you will grow your company and go viral with the new product or service launches.