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HYT’s Skull Bad Boy


The Skull Bad Boy, HYT’s new extraordinary and unprecedented creation, breaks all the rules. You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the power of its design. Even at first glance the skull makes a striking impression, simply because it epitomises and at the same time breaks away from everything that HYT represents. It is provocative, unique and has a bold design supported by the fluid mechanics that have become the brand’s signature style.


The use of a capillary, which carries a fluid to act as the hour marker, is a concept that is already mastered by HYT. However, any significant changes in form require extensive background work. For the Skull Bad Boy, the skull shape of the tube, which measures less than one millimetre in diameter, was a significant challenge in itself. The issue centred on the capillary’s four angles, two of which are almost 90° at the base. These curves meant that bending the glass was a particularly delicate task.


The Skull Bad Boy is coated with a new composite material, created to resemble damascus steel. A foundry in the Neuchâtel region created the raw material: multiple layers of steel and carbon are folded in on themselves a total of 256 times. This material is cast in batches of five skulls, no two of which will ever be identical.

The Skull Bad Boy is available as a limited edition of 50 pieces.


all images and video courtesy of HYT