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IKEA Anticipates Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Collaboration With An Exclusive Pre-launch

IKEA Anticipates Virgil Abloh's Off-White Collaboration With An Exclusive Pre-launch


Starting in Paris 29 September, IKEA will do a pre-launch called “STILL LOADING”, releasing a limited edition of rugs from the collaboration with Virgil Abloh. This is the first time IKEA releases products from a vitality collection beforehand.

“We just couldn´t wait. A lot of people are engaged and curious about this collaboration, which is great, and we constantly get the question when we will make it available to people. So we decided to respond to this by speeding things up a bit and release a few rugs. I think these rugs say a lot about our collaboration and who Virgil is. They are bold, contemporary and carry messages of our time”, says Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA Range and Supply.


Paris, where Virgil Abloh is now based, will be the first city to pre-launch the rugs. On 29 September IKEA will open up a pop-up shop in central Paris and welcome customers to experience an exhibition and the opportunity to purchase a rug. Following Paris will be three other cities in the world. IKEA will share later on which cities this will be. The pre-launch will contain 4 different and unique rugs designed by Virgil Abloh. The rugs will come in a limited edition and will not be part of the full MARKERAD launch in 2019 except one of the rugs which will be part of IKEA Art Event in 2019.

 2019 Ikea Art Collection, Virgila Abloh's Rug

“I´m really looking forward to this, that we already now can share some of our ideas with people. These items are made in a limited number and together with the thinking behind each rug, I believe they can become art pieces you put on the wall just as much as functional objects in a home. Like, “Hey! I own this coveted piece””, says Virgil Abloh.

The collaboration between IKEA and Virgil Abloh has been focusing on exploring what makes a first home for the millennials and what kind of designs that will satisfy their practical needs and emotional aspirations. We´ve also elaborated on what happens when product design and street culture joins avant-garde readymade art practice in new constellations. The full MARKERAD collection will launch in end of 2019 and contain a selection of products including a table, chair, daybed, textiles, and flooring.