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Increase Your Facebook Engagement: Easy Tips

Increase Your Facebook Engagement: Easy Tips

Social media has already proven itself to be a powerful tool to promote a business, engage with an audience, and increase brand recognition. Even though it is powerful, it is not really magical. It means it is not just enough to be present there without a clear-cut strategy. Yet even the biggest brands that seem to advertise themselves by only pronouncing their names, work on a meaningful social media presence, attracting more of those who have not been with them before. Facebook’s audience is so multifaceted that you have an endless field of action, outlining the plan for maximized engagement. Have a look at some useful tips to make your page burst with action.

Follow up the best design practices

Whatever appears on your Facebook page must be visually aesthetic while communicating the identity of your brand. The call for authentic and unique ( read, self-made) graphic elements is indeed fair. However, the quality is still on top of all the demands. That’s why if you, for some reason, have no possibility to produce your photos then it is acceptable to turn to photo libraries and choose the ones that will highlight your message the most. Design apps offer a lot of options for your graphic needs, and some of them are very friendly to your budget. Free stock vectors, royalty-free stock images, free templates, free infographics makers, etc. Yes, you may not create it yourself, though you still contribute a piece of your soul to seek the ones that will fit the most. 

Provoke emotions

Staying true to yourself, being authentic are the key prerequisites to have the audience love you, follow you, and buy from you…for that matter. Creating posts that provoke emotions and further reactions is an art, since not every publication can be about evoking strong feelings. The goal is to maximize your activity directed to adding value, and more selfless deeds. Such ones simply rock and are usually the most commented on and liked by the audience. If it agrees with you, share some personal stuff, stories of the day from your life, things you have gotten impressed by, and any sort of that kind. The audience likes to have a peek into the life of the one who stands behind the brand. Especially they love to know that the creators are also human beings. 

 Increase Your Facebook Engagement: Easy Tips

Interact as if  it is the last day of the world

It’s been mentioned that any publication is better to be the one that plays on human emotions. You have done your homework right and the posts burst with vivid comments, smiley faces, pluses, and any other forms of engagement that you have intricately demanded. Next move: react to every single reaction, compliment your audience, express gratitude, compassion, and your deepest concerns, or greatest happiness. Make them feel appreciated. Your audience must know that you care way more than just for business purposes. 

Know your audience as if they are family 

Knowledge of your audience’s information is crucial for creating engaging content. Analyzing your publications that have gotten the most reaction is the key to increased engagement. Knowing what is loved by your people lets you create similar posts, message-wise, voice-wise, theme-wise, etc. Every day is a day of new revelations and interesting stuff to report. Various pieces of information need their own unique ways of being presented. The goal is to customize those unique ways to the ones that will be enjoyed the most. 

Subtle CTAs

If there is a publication that is supposed to guide people to some purchase, order, or sign up it is recommended to include the CTA button. You make it easy for them to reach the desired product or service, right where they have learned about it. You should not really push people, the Facebook audience might not welcome the pressure. Therefore, developing a post with a hidden call for action, make sure that those who seek it will find it and click it. Others, if looking at it just for informative purposes, might not notice it at all. As they say, it is a win-win situation.

 Increase Your Facebook Engagement: Easy Tips

Video content

Videos are loved, watched, and reacted to. Incorporate them into your publication activity. It is a good idea to upload your video directly, without a link to it on YouTube. Mobile users will not bother themselves with an extra action. Therefore, the video must be short, on the topic, and being right on the platform that is used at the current moment.


Facebook daily users are estimated at a whopping 1.84 billion. This impressive number of people are there for various reasons. Make sure to make your page ( pages) to be one of those reasons that provoke people to go to Facebook at all. See what you already have and what else must be added to spice up your audience.