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Is An Electric Fireplace The Right Investment For You?  

Interior of modern living room with electric fireplace

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As the owner of your property, it is common that you might want to look at ways you can make your property more modern. Yet, for some, modernization means leaving behind some of the classic home features we loved as children. Take fireplaces, for example. The usage of a fireplace and the cost of running one means that, for many, they are a non-starter. Yet the aesthetic of a fireplace can add huge value to a property, creating the ideal focal point in the room.

If you want to get a fireplace today, you might want to look at electric fireplace inserts. These have become increasingly popular today for various reasons. Is installing this kind of fireplace the right choice for you and your household, though? Does it make sense?

The benefits of an electric fireplace

Safer to use

For one, you can find an electric fireplace offers much of the same effect as the real thing without the fire damage risk. Of course, it does not take much for a fireplace to become too hot or a potential danger to your property. But, with an electric fireplace, you still get that awesome aesthetic without the same worry about the potential damage it could cause.

Easier to install

Another factor for the electric fireplace is how easy they are to install in the first place. Most find they are much easier to put in, requiring a fraction of the structural work. This means that your end bill for the fitting will be much smaller. In addition, you do not need the same preparation of property features like chimneys this way.

 Interior of modern room with electric fireplace

Customize and adapt

Once a normal fireplace is fitted, you are stuck with that same look. If you choose to change the room’s aesthetic, your fireplace could soon look out of touch. However, they are much easier to customize and work around with an electric fireplace. If you need to change how your property looks, you can do so with relative ease.

Greater long-term value

The running and installation costs are much lower, meaning this is the ideal choice for those looking for value. However, running a normal fireplace adds another fuel cost that you need to account for each month. With an electric version, though, it simply adds to the energy bills that you are paying as it is. This also means less time investing in coal and logs to fuel your traditional fireplace.

Add value to your home

A traditional fireplace will add value to your house, but only if the buyer appreciates the aesthetic. If you try to sell your home to someone who does not want a fireplace, it can be expensive to have it removed. By contrast, if someone does not like your fireplace, an electric equivalent is easier to remove and thus less likely to hurt the house price.

However, an electric fireplace adds more than enough value to justify choosing this over the more traditional alternative for those who like a fireplace.

What will you choose?

If you intend to go down the route of buying an electric fireplace, you have many vendors to choose from. Experts in this very particular industry include the likes of Smokey Mountain Fireplaces. If you want to get access to a fireplace of a high standard, you want to choose the right experts. If you think this would be the ideal addition to your home, you should look to go down the modernized electric route.