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Kame House by Kochi Architect’s Studio, Japan

Takumi Ota

This two-storey home located in new residential area in the Japanese prefecture of Niigata contains a hexagonal void that serves to visually connect the dwelling’s various rooms. Designed by Kochi Architect’s studio, Kame House features a dynamic and complex interior that provides the experience of being present in all rooms without losing the possibility of retreating into just one.

Wall and floor are 60 mm thickness made by wooden structure. Thin wall and floor makes much more presence of rooms, than structure. So the scenery contain many different rooms in parallel. It looks like room’s patchwork. “I aimed to make ‘high density scenery’ in small architecture’ said the architect.

 kame-house-by-kochi-architects-studio-japan-2 kame-house-by-kochi-architects-studio-japan-3 kame-house-by-kochi-architects-studio-japan-4 kame-house-by-kochi-architects-studio-japan-5 kame-house-by-kochi-architects-studio-japan-6 kame-house-by-kochi-architects-studio-japan-7

all images © Takumi Ota