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Keeping Your Busy Home Clean

Keeping Your Busy Home Clean

Imagine you just mopped your kitchen floor and here comes your excited three-year-old baby spilling their sticky grape juice on the freshly waxed floor. Or, you vacuum your great room and your playful puppy comes tearing through the room tracking mud all over your carpets.

Keeping your home clean is no easy task especially when you have a full-time career, children, pets and the occasional house guest. Even as a single person, you may have an extensive, active social life that causes you to do a lot of entertaining in your home. In addition to doing a lot of entertaining you may also be constantly on the go, coming home to quickly change clothes, watching that pile of clothes on the floor get higher and higher.

How simple would life be if Simply Maid was there to pick up after you? There would be no clear reason why your house was not spotless every day. Keeping your home clean is essentially a part of being organized and we all know that being organized helps you be more productive. Whether you have a full house or are a single person who lives alone, here are ways to keep youbusy home clean.

Create a Cleaning Schedule  

Share the responsibilities. If you live in a house with others, create a cleaning schedule. Assign each member of your household a cleaning responsibility that aligns with their capabilities. For example, if you have ten-year-old daughter she may be assigned to wash the dishes for a two-week time frame while your eight-year-old son may be on trash duty and your husband does the yard work. Do not be afraid to mix it up for everyone, as doing the same thing can become repetitive and mundane.  

Put Things Away When You Are Finished

Whether it is making up your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning, putting the jam away once you have made your sandwich or putting trash in the receptor it is best to not allow things to build up.

Don’t Let the Dishes Pile Up

Try washing the dishes after you cook and or eat with them. If you would like to conserve water and soap, try utilizing the dishwasher by loading the dishes as you use them then running the dishwasher once a week.

Laundry Day

Who knows anyone that loves doing laundry? While we all need clean clothes to wear, doing laundry is one of those things we continuously put off. So, select one day a week and make that laundry day. Laundry day consists of not only the clothes you may have worn throughout the week it includes dropping off any garments that need to be dry cleaned or needs special treatment and washing all linens and towels.

While cleaning your home may not be your favorite activity to do, it is a necessary part of your life routine. Starting your week off with a freshly clean home can set the pace for your whole week. As previously stated above, when you begin your week organized, you are more productive and motivated to achieve your goals that you set out. Do yourself a favor and get to cleaning.

Plus, hiring a cleaning service like Simply Maid can make a seasonal ‘detailed’ clean, that much easier!