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First Look at KENZO x H&M collection

Oliver Hadlee Pearch

After #HMBalmaination hysteria last year, we’re ready for the first look at the highly-anticipated KENZO x H&M collection. The KENZO x H&M lookbook features a key selection of looks from the designer collaboration and stars a diverse cast of talented, passionate and creative ambassadors, each of whom expresses their individuality and values with style.

The ambassadors featured in the lookbook are writer and activist Amy Sall, photographer Youngjun Koo, artist and DJ Juliana Huxtable, musician and performance artist Oko Ebombo, fashion editor Harriet Verney, make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, artist Ingrid, musician Anna of the North, model and rapper Le1f, as well as models Mae Lapres, Hao Liu, Selena Forrest, Tom Gaskin, Julia Banas and Pierre Painchaud.

The KENZO x H&M collection will be available in over 250 H&M stores worldwide, as well as online, from November 3.

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all images © Oliver Hadlee Pearch