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Kusatsu house by ALTS Design Office

Built on a lot surrounded by neighboring houses and a parking space in Shiga, Japan, Japanese practice ALTS Design Office has designed this dwelling organizing the living space around a large windowless wall. This wall,  as well as providing the privacy required by the owner, also creates an internal pathway, covered by a large skylight that’s naturally lighting the interiors, blending the boundaries between inside and outside. This house also features an open living space that creates an almost natural environment without direct views to the outside.

 2-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 3-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 4-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 5-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 6-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 7-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 8-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 9-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office 10-kusatsu-house-by-alts-design-office

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