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Le Mistral gift shop in Tokyo by JP architects


Japanese practice JP architects recently designed this tokyo-based gift shop selling European sundries. “In a retail space stacking many goods – having various colors and shapes, ‘ways of display’ determine an impression of the space to a great degree.” explain Jumpei Matsushima“So, I spread a white-guide-grid for display over the space, and made as it is ‘ornament’ of interior.”

“Using auxiliary lines drawn out by existing building frame,  I laid it all out to pass the white line 15mm wide to every detail such as outlines of furnitures and fixtures, shelf boards, table legs, and door frames.”


Base color behind of guide-grid is navy – it is signature color of the shop. It has a role tightening the space as background of articles, but wood-grain remained by permeable paint and decoration of moulding makes classic and warm nuance.

Trays of varied sizes on the shelves can place on the island-table having ladder pattern. Its pattern is drawn to fit to each trays. The space expression alters at random by changing places of trays. This design gives “order” and “freshness” for display changing from day to day.

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