So you’ve connected with a charming single on a dating site and have been kindling the flames of romance? It isn’t too difficult to come across kindred spirits in the online environment – this relaxed setting is ideal for forming relationships. When the time comes to develop your rapport by taking things offline, what kind of activities are you attracted to? If you and your new partner are fans of motorcycle tours, a highway of adventures awaits. If you’ve never toured Italy before, here are the top five routes that were compiled for you by dating experts from this website that are the perfect setting for your exciting holiday.

The Amalfi Coast

Starting from Naples on Italy’s western Mediterranean seaboard, you can ride for 20 km along a scenic coast road to Salerno, skirting the mighty Mount Vesuvius, bypassing Pompeii, and then ending up in sun-kissed Salerno. En route, you will travel through towns where you can pause for refreshments, from Sorrento to Positano, Ravello through Vietri Sul Mare. The highlight of this winding journey is undoubtedly Pompeii, a city that has become synonymous with the inadvisability of building a metropolis so close to an active volcano! You can stop off and check out the famous ruins of this Ancient Roman city, destroyed during the catastrophic eruption of 79 AD. Despite the wholesale destruction enacted on this vicinity all those years ago, a lot of evidence of the event remains visible.

 Top Five Best Motorcycle Riding Routes for Couples in Italy


Tuscany is a wonderful part of Italy, renowned for its pastoral scenes and mouthwatering cuisine. Commence this route in Radda, nestling amongst the verdant vineyards of Chianti, then follow the beautiful scenery into the heart of this central Italian region, renowned for its capital city, Florence. You can always progress to visiting that popular tourist magnet at some point, but for the sake of your 57-kilometer bike tour, sticking to these country roads will take you past fabulous locations until your ultimate destination of Volterra.

 Top Five Best Motorcycle Riding Routes for Couples in Italy

Beautiful Lake Garda

The third suggestion for your romantic Italian motorbike tour is the 300-kilometer jaunt that skirts Lake Garda, lying in the lower slopes of the Italian Alps, approximately midway between Milan and Venice. There are picturesque tours throughout this region, but the overwhelming spectacle facing you during this six-hour circuit is the glistening surface of the majestic lake itself. There are many places to stop if you feel like breaking up the journey while drinking in the breathtaking vistas.

 Top Five Best Motorcycle Riding Routes for Couples in Italy

Volcanic backdrop

If you cross over from mainland Italy to Sicily you can begin this route in Messina. This is the island’s third-largest city, a bustling shipping port with many ancient buildings to explore. For your motorbike tour you can commence the day with breakfast and one of the many coastal eateries before heading towards the Cathedral of Sant’Agata, about an hour and a half’s ride to the south-west. One of the key landmarks that will dominate your journey will be Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe that remains active. Hopefully, the only rumbling you will hear will be your stomach in-between the fabulous eating locations!

 Top Five Best Motorcycle Riding Routes for Couples in Italy

Italy’s splendid wine regions

The final suggestion for a majestic tour of the splendor of the Italian countryside is the two-and-a-half-hour journey between Siena and Florence. This will take you around some twisting roads as you cut-across the Tuscany region again, but if you traverse the Chianti Road, you will be following motorcycle tracks of the many bikers who have previously relished this tour. Wonder at the sleepy farmhouses, sheltered olive groves, and vineyards bursting with vibrant fruit ready to be transformed into this vicinity’s mouth-watering wines.