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Motorola Unveils AI-Powered Smartphone with Slap Bracelet Design

Motorola's AI and Flexible Display Smartphone


At Lenovo Tech World ’23, Motorola demonstrated its commitment to innovation by highlighting the capabilities of AI and flexible display devices. Among the notable innovations presented was the concept of a new smartphone with a slap bracelet design, which showcased an orange fabric backing that can be attached to a magnetized wrist strap.

The adaptive display can be adjusted to provide different experiences. In its flat position, the 6.9″ display offers a standard Android phone experience, similar to any other smartphone. However, users can also wrap the device around their wrist, transforming it into a wrist-worn device that allows them to stay connected while on the move. Additionally, the device can be positioned in various stand modes, providing a self-standing experience with a more compact form of full Android on a 4.6″ display. Motorola‘s commitment to flexible display technology is evident in this new conceptual device, which offers users the flexibility to adapt the display to their specific needs and preferences.

Motorola's AI and Flexible Display Smartphone

Motorola has taken a significant step forward by introducing four AI concepts that will revolutionize our daily experiences. These concepts include generative AI wallpapers, advanced AI privacy features, text summarization, and a personal voice/text assistant named MotoAI. The generative AI wallpapers allow users to personalize their smartphones by creating AI-generated wallpapers based on their outfit choices.

Motorola's AI and Flexible Display Smartphone

MotoAI, on the other hand, serves as a personal assistant for PCs and smartphones, handling tasks such as answering questions, drafting messages, and scheduling, while prioritizing data privacy by processing information locally on the device. Additionally, Motorola has also enhanced its Doc Scanner capability with an AI concept model that ensures high-quality document scanning with minimized imperfections. With these innovations, Motorola aims to provide convenience and innovation to its users.