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Némeau Fishmonger by Jean de Lessard, Montréal

Francois Laliberté / Studio Imagicom

Canadian designer Jean de Lessard has reinvented a walk on the bottom of the sea in this striking fishmonger in Montréal. One recognizes with the recent Némeau project the unique signature of Jean de Lessard, creative designers who was inspired for his space exploration of the place by the adventure novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Like his client, the interior designer Jean de Lessard takes a fresh look at the traditional fish market through his own atypical lens: “I approached this project from the ‘vintage’ viewpoint of Jules Verne, but through a time line between today and tomorrow. It’s subtle, a little crazy, but fun!”


The brand image of the store is in fact based on this pioneering spirit. Located in Lévis, on the south shore of Québec City, the fish market offers customers to discover the fish products differently, by providing them with a unique ‘promenade-shopping’.

The concept of adding value to products through exploration is the main theme of a rather unusual design which aims to be a journey of the senses around displays brimming with fresh products. “It facilitates interactions between staff and customers and adds a distinctive touch to the collective experience; shopping becomes enjoyable even in such a small space”, explains Jean de Lessard.


Ice floes-displays are randomly articulated around circulation axes, inviting gazes and a gourmand inspection of their content. These stylized cooling systems topped with asymmetric glass cases were custom designed in the way of jewelry boxes.

The sculptural glass ceiling, with a prismatic shape and tones is illustrating its underwater magic, becoming a form representation of the refraction of natural light on the water and denser water as Nemo and his accomplices may have seen. The key aspect of this element is the extraordinary bookcase aboard the Nautilus that Jean de Lessard has conceptualized and successfully integrated in his design. In one fluid motion, the striking honeycomb ceiling becomes a sweeping tsunami of shelves. This is a simple, practical and ingenious way to maximize the store area surface. Moreover, the nautical theme is also brought into play. “The white and gray ceramic tiling is reminiscent of the slats of hardwood of a boat’s deck,” concludes the designer.


In this dynamic and minimalist space, the combination of horizontal and vertical lines and transparency brings to mind the emptiness and fullness within the depths of the sea. Thus, the oblong-shape ethereal lighting, like some abstract vegetation suspended in space, are balancing the denser shapes on the floor.

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all images © Francois Laliberté / Studio Imagicom