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Nike FuelBox Vending Machine

Known for its unconventional marketing campaigns, Nike has unveiled its latest concept, the Nike FuelBox vending machine. Strategically placed on the streets of New York City — but constantly on the move — the vending machine is chock-full of Nike training goodies, from shirts and shorts to, sure, even shoes.

Cash, check and card are not accepted by the Nike FuelBox; only cold, hard Fuel points can buy the machine’s wares. Exercise and accumulate points, then plug the FuelBand into the FuelBox and flaunt your new fashions, priced between 500 and 1000 Fuel points apiece. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re in NYC.

 2-nike-fuelbox-vending-machine 3-nike-fuelbox-vending-machine 4-nike-fuelbox-vending-machine

all images courtesy of NIKE | via nikeblog