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OFF, Floating Hotel & Bar on Seine in Paris

OFF Paris Seine

Moored at the foot of the Austerlitz station, OFF is the first floating hotel and bar in Paris. A choice destination for an unusual experience, OFF offers 54 rooms, 4 suites, a bar with a panoramic view over the Seine, an interior path, a plunge pool and a marina. Located between the Left and Right banks, the viewpoints offered by the OFF are simply unique: the play of light and the reflections of water change throughout the day.

The OFF is located in the most surprising spot in Paris: the Seine River, which Parisians like to call the 21st district. Between gare d’Austerlitz and gare de Lyon, this district undergoing rapid transformation combines modernity and history. Walking along the banks of the Seine, guests can reach the lively center of the city, the Notre-Dame cathedral or the Hôtel de Ville. Rates are set between €160 and 450 ($171-483 USD) per night.

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all images courtesy of OFF Paris Seine