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Teresa van Dongen’s Bioluminescent Installation

Hans Boddeke

Exhibited during D’Days in Paris and winning project of the Eyes on Talents Award, Teresa van Dongen‘s installation One Luminous Dot is a tribute to our one and only planet. Created by utilizing softly glowing ‘Ambio’ light – unveiled at Dutch Design Week 2014 as van Dongen’s graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven, the installation refers to our galaxy in which the Earth is but one little dot.


The depths of our oceans still hold many mysteries to us. Countless deep sea organisms are yet to be identified, many of which appear to have the extraordinary ability to emit light. This was the inspiration to celebrate nature with a bioluminescent light installation: a star of glass tubes holds a fluid with a special bacteria obtained from the skin of an octopus. Movement keeps the bacteria oxygenated, causing blue waves to light up.


“The space might feel surreal, and the atmosphere unearthly. Yet, the light sources derive solely from our own biosphere and nature.” explains Teresa. “This is to remind us to cherish the planet we live on. A planet, the beauty of which we sometimes forget. A planet we only have one of.”


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