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Our Favorite Bathroom Designs Of 2019

Our Favorite Bathroom Designs Of 2019

2019 has begun in style and if you’re renovating your bathroom this year the good news is that you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to stylish bathroom designs. Before starting to renovate your bathroom, it’s important to think about the latest trends and looks for bathrooms in 2019 so you can choose the styles that best suit you and your home.

Making Small Spaces Bigger

If you have a smaller bathroom, this year’s trend is to use a large-scale high contract wallpaper. This will expand your compact space, infusing it with a more artful appearance.

Choose Neutrals

Classic bathrooms never go out of style and the best thing about going for a neutral color scheme is that it will always look good with no need for a quick makeover in a couple of years when your color of choice goes out of fashion. Choose a single material or color for your bathroom, incorporating classic tiles and motifs into your space but using a single material like marble tile for a neutral yet special look.

Consider A Bold Black Look

2019 is the year of the spa-inspired bathroom. If you’re feeling bold, your bathroom could benefit from this year’s latest look – a sultry, dark design which evokes the indulgence of a classy spa.

Expose Your Plumbing

Bathrooms for 2019 aren’t hiding their plumbing anymore. In fact, they’re taking pride in showing it, especially in the shower where the industrial look will pair perfectly with white modern marble tiles.

Choose Pewter Hardware

Pewter is a great trend for bathrooms in 2019 and when it’s used for fixtures and faucets it looks very special in any space. Less harsh than black but not as old-fashioned as gold or brass, it will give your fixtures extra depth and texture.

Window Front Vanities

2019 is also the year for putting your vanity unit in front of your window. This is especially the case if you enjoy a beautiful view from your window. Standing by your sink and looking out of your window can be a relaxing way to begin your day. The best bathroom vanities provide a new look for your space and can add a whole lot of style.

The Open Concept

In the old days, bathrooms had solid doors however these days, glass is the ultimate barrier. It allows the light to shine through but when you use opaque glass you can still enjoy privacy as you shower.

Statement Art

Make an artistic statement in your bathroom with a dramatic piece of art on your bathroom wall. You can also consider making a feature wall in your bathroom with decorative and colorful tiles which will really catch the eye.

Marble Countertops

When you’re choosing countertops for your bathroom, grey and white marble are very popular this year. Timeless and classic, both colors work well in either a modern or traditional space and will add value to your bathroom. While you’re considering marble in your bathroom, it could be time to consider putting marble on your floor too. The wet room is still in vogue this year and is a very practical solution for anyone who doesn’t want to spend ages cleaning drains and grouting. Standard drains are out of fashion this year in favor of the hidden linear drainage line, and this is easily achieved with a marble floor slab which has been sandblasted to ensure that it will be non-slip underfoot.

Concrete Fittings

If you’re keen to emulate this year’s industrial bathroom trend, you can achieve this easily by using concrete in your sink basin, countertop, floor or wall. Although at one-time concrete was though to be unwelcoming and cold, these days, it is paired with wood, porcelain and steel for a more contemporary and inviting look which has some beautiful aesthetics.

The Art Deco Look

Art deco influences are very much in trend this year. Old-fashioned tubs are all the rage and work beautifully in a larger bathroom which has plenty of space for such an eye-catching feature.

These are just some of the best bathroom ideas for 2019. We’re sure you’ll find inspiration here for you perfect 2019 bathroom renovation.