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Persuasive, Innovative Brand Design For 2021

Persuasive, Innovative Brand Design For 2021

Over time, brand design has continually progressed.  Creative designers and quick-thinking entrepreneurs will come together and develop even better brand identity designs.

New, up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs are on the lookout for more relevant and contemporary ideas for future designs.  Experienced web designers stay on top of the latest trends to ensure they are creating what owners need for their businesses in the here and now. This is why it’s critical you hire a dependable designing agency to look after your brand and designing requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a designer, or a marketer, it’s important you stay up on the latest trends because your brand identity is the focal point of a company.

A few years ago, social media logos, uncomplicated fonts, bright colors, and playful designs were the rage for brand identity fads. In 2019, the focus turned to responsive brand design, simple fonts, and return of the vintage look.

Today, you need to ask what is “In” now and what is super popular. Read on to discover the most imaginative, and productive brand identity design ideas that should be around for quite some time. You will probably get some great ideas to bring to your business.

No. 1 The Minimalist Design

Over the past few years, minimalist logos have come back even more popular than ever before. Today’s modern minimalist designers have grabbed onto the concept that less is more and have applied it with a sense of humor and a touch of warmth.

Minimalism will bring down the subject to just a visual aspect which allows a brand identity to become very adaptable for a wide range of backgrounds and various mediums for many capabilities. This form of brand identity offers many practical benefits while avoiding the stark cold of your traditional minimalist designs.  Minimalism today is more fun and much more accessible.

This year seems to be inviting brand designers to discover new ideas to clarify the minimalist approach to work well with one-of-a-kind brands.

That said, this style does not work with every brand. If the brand does not have a touch of playfulness and fun, it might be a good match. 

 Persuasive, Innovative Brand Design For 2021

No. 2 Distinct Fonts

Your choice of fonts is just as important as your logo in creating your brand design.

Some brand identities, such as a logo, are made up completely of letters but not a logo.  As of late, designers have become bolder in their creations but they don’t just grab any old font. You can’t just set your business name under a font like “Arial” and call it quits! You must be creative to personalize your design.

The upside of fonts is flexibility. There are so many different fonts available that at least one will be just perfect for your one-of-a-kind brand. Meanwhile, professional designers will continue to push buttons to create the perfect font.

When working with an agency, keep in mind that fonts are not just letters. You must be sure your brand identity design works with your business values.

No. 3 Applicable Line Art

Line art or line drawing is a versatile form offering characteristics that will make it a great choice for a branding design.  These images are made up of straight or curved lines but do not include shadowing or any form of added dimension, just geometric line drawings. Many designers are now playing around with line art for brand identity designs and by word of mouth, this is only the start!

The incredible simplicity of line art is a natural choice for colored gradient images that have taken over people’s monitors over the past few years.  Line art has continued to gather a following because it’s flexible and sometimes elegant. 

Line art can be placed on any background in an array of styles. There is no doubt you will find one that works perfectly with your brand.

Heavier or lighter lines can dictate which will work best with your design. Heavier lines are the best option for busy backgrounds.  

 Persuasive, Innovative Brand Design For 2021

No. 4 Broken Box Logos

One of the most popular designs is geometric but one particular design has literally taken off like wildfire. Logotypes cover all logos with text or letters which can be the company name or possibly a signature.  The broken box logotype can be seen everywhere.

The idea is to have a clean and very simple brand identity but you must be sure not to go overboard. Placing a continual box around your text won’t say much about your business because, quite honestly, it’s far too simple, and far too many others have already done this.

If you are trying to convey that your business is outside the box, this is not the way to do it. It’s been done too many times and it’s gotten old! The same is true if you are looking to convey elegance, stand in line!

Both geometric and minimalist designs have become very popular.  Even if you think a broken box looks professional, your business will never stand out from the crowd.

If you have your mind set to use this design, you will have to set your brand identity into the design.

No. 5 Using Negative Space Effectively

Designers love a challenge and deliberate negative space in branding design is no exception.  The challenge lies in cramming so much meaning into a very small area. Every element must pull its own weight in conveying your brand.

Negative space designs can be created in a very large variety of styles.  They are adaptable to a large range of backgrounds because the negative space allows the background to show through and become a part of the design. Viewers enjoy the surprise of a tiny creature peeking out at them.  Even more memorable would be a logo that has a secret that you think only you know.

Meaningful negative space can have an incredible impact on viewers. Find out if you have a message your brand can relay through negative space.

Final Thoughts 

Branding has become defined by a few popular trends.  Modern brands have become more simple, more sincere, and connect with real people in your customer base. They come across as more conscientious, aware, and definitely more real. More importantly, brand identity must remain consistent. Bottom line, you need to find a brand identity designer and let them create an addictive and contemporary brand identity that will channel your business goals