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Perrier Celebrates 160 Years with a Revitalized Green Bottle Design by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck Redefines Perrier's Iconic Glass Bottle

As Perrier commemorates its 160th year of existence, the brand persists in captivating its audience. In honor of this momentous occasion, Perrier is embarking on a journey to revitalize its renowned green bottle design by renowned archistar Philippe Starck.

The highly anticipated PERRIER + STARCK limited edition will be introduced to the global market in mid-October, showcasing a fresh interpretation of the iconic glass bottle. This marks the first instance in its illustrious history that the bottle’s shape has been reimagined by the visionary creator, Philippe Starck.

In the version re-envisioned by Starck, the Perrier bottle becomes a distinct and unique creative object, both remarkable and elegant, without compromising its iconic shape. Taking inspiration from Fresnel’s optical lens design and the way it diffracts light, the thin horizontal streaks carved into the glass surface of the PERRIER+STARCK bottle create visual interest through a play on optics and light, illuminating the tremendous energy source and poetry contained within its bubbles. A creative evolution in terms of both design and functionality to celebrate the legendary energy of the French symbol, Perrier.

Philippe Starck Redefines Perrier's Iconic Glass Bottle

“Perrier, a globally recognized symbol and a monument of French heritage, approached me to reimagine the design of their iconic bottle,” tells Philippe Starck at urdesign “Keeping the essence of an icon unaltered, it’s possible to distort and play with the shape to apply current parameters to a timeless form. This is what I did with the addition of this highly technical horizontal grooving, which creates a natural rigidity.”

Philippe Starck Redefines Perrier's Iconic Glass Bottle

“But it’s not just about technique, it’s also about exploring the Unknown. In my project, the Unknown is encapsulated in the notion that each bubble is a magnifying glass, and that by using the structure to shape a Fresnel lens, I could create an optical surprise, bringing intrigue and a spark of fantasy,” contiunues Starck. “As a child, I always used to be afraid that the bottle would slip from my hands. I would clutch it very tightly, to the point where it hurt. This is why I chose this striated pattern. The bottle clings to me, I cling to the bottle: another form of play. And you’ll see it, in this new bottle, the bubbles are absolutely out of this world.”

Images courtesy of Perrier and Anne-Lou Buzot