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PKMN Arranges A Flat Around A Rotating Wall

Javier de Paz García

As part of an ongoing project that aims to maximize the living space of small apartments, Madrid-based office PKMN architectures designed the MJE House, a 70 sqm apartment in Salinas, Spain, arranged around a rotating central unit. Realized for Maria Jose and Enrique, a couple who live in Mexico, but travel a lot in Europe, the apartment serves as home for both the couple, and for the whole family at the same time.

Through a rotating furniture the two bedrooms of the house may come and go in a minute. The house has three positions and a house with two bedrooms, one bedroom or none of them.

In that way, housing becomes a place to hold a big party for younger or a loft space when Maria Jose and Enrique are alone. “It is the luxury of having a room of nearly 50 sqm in a house of 70 sqm;” said the architects. We change the traditional concept of room creating spaces that are easily converted through simple gestures. We obtain the highest possible return on every centimeter of your home to increase its value and maximize opportunities for use of space in your home.”

Remember: Every square meter of your home is money!

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all images © Javier de Paz García