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Popcorn Monsoon Machine by Jolene Carlier


Netherlands-based designer Jolene Carlier has created the Popcorn Monsoon machine. “Like any other functional product it had to be conceptualised and constructively thought through” says designer Carlier. “Most popcorn machines are very dull though the simple process of making popcorn is exciting. Thats what this machine enlarges, its an experience for both children and adults.” To amplify the experience of popping corn the machine features a tap-shaped transparent chute that shoots popped corn into a yellow bowl , ready to be eaten.


2-popcorn-monsoon-machine-by-jolene-carlier 3-popcorn-monsoon-machine-by-jolene-carlier 4-popcorn-monsoon-machine-by-jolene-carlier 5-popcorn-monsoon-machine-by-jolene-carlier 6-popcorn-monsoon-machine-by-jolene-carlier 7-popcorn-monsoon-machine-by-jolene-carlier

all images and video © DAANTJE BONS | H/t MOCOLOCO