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Pro Tips for Cleaning Plexiglass Furniture Tables and Their Advantages

Male hand holds a multipurpose cleaner and sponge

For those unfamiliar with the term “plexiglass”,  it’s a translucent, lightweight thermoplastic that is weather resistant and ideal for producing household furniture pieces.

Plexiglass is also a durable and stylish plastic material used in place of glass. If you seek glass transparency and require a modern look in your house, then plexiglass is your top pick.

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, offers several advantages and is a safer alternative than glass and other plastics. This blog post will discuss tips for taking care of plexiglass furniture tables and their immense benefits.

Pro Tips for  Cleaning Plexiglass Furniture Tables

When cleaning acrylic, you need to apply caution because it’s prone to abrasion. You should know the type of cloth and cleaner to use that will help you remove dust, smudges, and dirt from your acrylic furniture without marking the table. Here are pro tips to follow when cleaning acrylic furniture.

1. Plastic Cleaner

When cleaning acrylic furniture, avoid using intensive and harsh materials because they can destroy the furniture substratum, making it harmful.

Avoid using specialized glass cleaners since they don’t go well with plexiglass materials. Instead, clean acrylic surfaces with special plastic cleaners; otherwise, your tabletop will get rough and coarse.

2. Microfiber Rugs

Microfibre cloths or intricate pieces of cloth can damage acrylic surfaces instead of cleaning them; hence, using proper cleaning material is paramount.

When selecting a cleaning cloth, always use microfiber cloths and ensure they’re spotless since particles cut in the fiber can make the surface rough.

To erase dust particles from the plexiglass surface, use a rag and water for cleaning, then allow it to dry. Don’t apply force when cleaning acrylic surfaces.

3. Car Wax

Although car wax can revamp and polish your car surface, it can also clean acrylic surfaces since they’re similar.

One good feature of car wax is it’s not intensive and harsh, and thus, it doesn’t negatively affect the plexiglass nature. Instead, it makes it more sleek and clean. Also, minor scratches on the plexiglass surface will be out using wax.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning Acrylic Furniture

Here are some common mistakes to avoid at home while cleaning your acrylic furniture to enhance its lifespan.

1. Abrasives

Since abrasive damages can affect your furniture’s durability by causing deep scratches on it, avoid placing sharp-edged objects on the surface.

Also, avoid placing coarse undercovers directly over your acrylic furniture; otherwise, it’ll leave tiny lines on it. Instead, place tablewares over the acrylic surface.

2. Ammonia

As a common cleaning chemical, ammonia is present in several glass cleaners, but it badly damages acrylic surfaces when used more than once.

Therefore, avoid using chemical compositions containing ammonia when cleaning. Furthermore, you shouldn’t use it on tabletops since ammonia leaves a pungent smell after use and isn’t health-friendly.

3. Stay Clear of Untested Cleaners

Always test the cleaners on a piece of plexiglass surface, then observe the results for any scratch or damage. If there’s any scratch, don’t use it, but if there’s no scratch, you can use it.

Male hand cleans a polycarbonate chair with the help of a sponge

Benefits of Acrylic Home Accessories

Do you like the idea of contemporary interior design yet are unsure of the furniture style that’s right for you? With various options in the market, choosing furniture for your home can be challenging.

However, you can’t go wrong with acrylic or lucite when making modern furnishing and contemporary style choices since any interior design feature or furniture type can proceed from acrylic.

You can view a vast collection of acrylic furniture here. Keep reading to learn more about some top advantages of acrylic ontemporary furniture for your home.

1. Acrylic can Enhance Small Spaces

Decorating a small space can be challenging because a room will look smaller with additional furniture. Nevertheless, it’s best to use acrylic in small rooms since lucite acrylic furniture is transparent.

Because the table is clear or see-through, the eyes can look through the slab. Also, light can reflect off the furniture, creating an illusion of more space and giving the room an airy and bright look.

As a result of the transparent acrylic nature, it can make small rooms look more prominent. Try out acrylic bedroom furniture in small areas like your home, and you’ll appreciate the look.

2. Stylish

Another benefit of lucite furniture is that it looks modern and stylish. Acrylic pieces are the best option for your home if you love the current interior design style.

Since acrylic designs come in neutral colors like gray, white, and black, the straightforward furniture design will not steal the attraction from your sleek, simple style.

Also, since acrylic blends in quickly, the furniture will fit in nicely even in a home with a traditional look because it doesn’t attract attention away from other furnishings.

3. Variety for Contemporary Home Furnishing Looks

There’s a wide range of options when dealing with lucite furniture so that you can find a variety of choices for your house.

As such, you can find everything you need for your home furnishing, including plexiglass furniture tables, bed frames, clear acrylic ghost chairs, and bar stools. Simply put, you can use any acrylic furniture that fits your needs or add some pieces to your collection.

4. Easy to Clean

When purchasing furniture for home decoration; consider furniture maintenance. Investing in new furniture often requires regular maintenance. For instance, wood needs frequent refinishing and sanding to look its best. Fortunately, acrylic furniture is durable and easy to clean, making it a wise option for families with children.

5. Safer Than Glass

Glass furniture like coffee tables and kitchen tables are often attractive to many people. However, glass puts you at the risk of getting hurt because it’s delicate and can easily break.

Clear acrylic furniture has a glass look but is safer than glass and a great option for anyone who loves glass surfaces. In addition to being durable, acrylic is solid.


If you’re searching for new contemporary furnishing for your house, clear acrylic offers many beautiful designs. It has several benefits, making it the best and safe option for your home interior design.

In addition to owning acrylic furniture, it’s necessary to know how to clean and maintain the table which we’ve explained in this article.