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Quarantine Negative Impact

Quarantine Negative Impact

It would be fair to acknowledge that nobody expected the COVID-19 pandemic to go by with no major changes done to the world that we all are used to live in. However, nobody expected it to be so detrimental to the lives of simple people. The economic systems have suffered a lot, which also means that millions and billions of individuals locked down in their homes without money and any means of survival. Hence, it becomes clear to understand that the level of domestic violence has risen quite a bit. When a family ends up being closed in their home, it is almost sure that the financial scarcity is going to bring about serious problems. In this article, we are going to talk about the negative effect of the quarantine beyond the framework of healthcare. We shall concentrate more on the social and economic issues that it has brought about.

Economies Are Falling Down

There is a countless number of examples to be named when talking about how the global financial system is suffering from the quarantine. Writing an essay about the fate of the world’s biggest corporations today would mean referring to essay samples for information as nobody is sure of what is going to happen next. The Wall Street stock exchange registers the lowest prices for oil in the history of the industry. Small and middle-level businesses all around the world are currently standing on the edge of extinction as there is nothing they can do while the customers are allowed nowhere near their counters. 

 Quarantine Negative Impact

Domestic Violence on the Rise

Regardless of how civilized modern communities and individuals might seem to be, there is a need to acknowledge that this quarantine has revealed a lot of hidden secrets about what modern folks are really made of. It has turned out that people do not know how to live with each other, as the domestic violence rates are growing exponentially. Writing a persuasive speech on domestic violence these days, one would simply have to acknowledge that the number of cases of domestic brutality has risen by extensive numbers over the course of the quarantine. All the essay examples to be written about this special period in the history of humanity will have to mention the fact that people were not able to exist peacefully close to each other.

Divorces Rates at the Double

Families are falling apart, and there is actually nothing one can do about it. With the domestic violence rates on the rise and the economic well-being index at the bottom, there is nothing to wonder about when someone claims that the number of divorce statements submitted online is rising at an immense pace. Just imagine yourself being locked up with somebody you truly love around the clock. Of course, love is what keeps people kind and united. However, there are limits to everything in this world, and we are all humans who need personal space from time to time. Whereas one partner does not understand this single rule and perceives quarantine as a need to stay within one meter to each other all the time, do not consider yourself weird if you would like to put an end to this relationship anytime soon.

 Quarantine Negative Impact

Psychological Endurance

There is no way to deny the fact that the COVID-19 quarantine’s aftermath can actually turn out to be a psychological pitfall that not all the people will be able to get out of. Millions are left without any means of survival, families are crashing down, domestic violence is on the rise. People are getting angry and mad at each other for no reason at all.

This planet is going to need years if not decades for recovering from this blast of a tripartite power, as the quarantine has struck us physically, psychologically, and economically. There is no way that the things are going to get right back on track the very day the quarantine is over. There are millions of women and men who have been through psychological and physical violence; there are millions of people who do not know how to feed their families; and there are millions of people who have lost faith in those whom they loved for many years.


It goes without saying that preserving people’s lives and defeating the coronavirus is the pivotal task of the world these days. Indeed, we have to acknowledge the challenge that nature has thrown at us and rise tall against it with our sense of social responsibility. Nonetheless, it should be acknowledged, as well, that the world is never going to be the same once that quarantine is over. The people will start changing their attitude towards the things they have taken for granted all this time, and they will surely start appreciating the people around them. We will not be able to claim that we have defeated the coronavirus if it defeats our unity.