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Réalité installation in Paris by Boa Mistura

Spanish multidisciplinary collective Boa Mistura recently completed a new installation titled ‘Réalité’ under the rail tracks of the Chevaleret Metro Station in Paris as part of the event Nuit Blanche.We took the big steel and stone columns, we wrote the word RÉALITÉ (reality) using the techinque of the anamorphosis and playing with the meaning of the word.” explain the artists. Only if placing yourself at a certain point you could read it. They continue “This way we try to reflect the same reality of the dozens of people that everyday sleep there, or have lunch in the social dinning that is on the same spot. A reality that usually don’t see, but we know that is true”.

 2-realite-installation-in-paris-by-boa-mistura 3-realite-installation-in-paris-by-boa-mistura 4-realite-installation-in-paris-by-boa-mistura 5-realite-installation-in-paris-by-boa-mistura 6-realite-installation-in-paris-by-boa-mistura

all images courtesy of BOA MISTURA