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Robert Storey Studio for Nike Women’s Fall Holiday Presentation 2014


London-based designer Robert Storey has teamed up with creative director Jen Brill to develop the Nike Women’s Fall Holiday Presentation 2014 in New York. By using the bright colors of Nike’s womenswear collection, Robert has created a colorful maze within an exhibition space on Meberry Street to immerse the audience into a intriguing and playful space in wich explore both the collection and the environment.


The space has broken into distinct areas or “stories”, all of which are focused on symmetry and bold colour schemes.  This areas, that include pro bra, train, run and live, are linked by geometric openings in the temporary walls which are edged with fluorescent lighting, moving through blue, green, pink and orange. There’s also a minimalist all-white gym space for selected visitors to workout while trying the merchandise and a fitting room for bespoke sports bra measuring.

 3-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014 4-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014 5-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014 6-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014 7-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014 8-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014 9-robert-storey-studio-for-nike-womens-fall-holiday-presentation-2014

all images © DAVID S ALEE | H/t dezeen