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Room for Improvement: Top 5 Bedroom Ideas to a Balanced You

Room for Improvement: Top 5 Bedroom Ideas to a Balanced You

Do you often wake up feeling depressed? Do you often start your day feeling anxious? Do you, most of the time, feel very tired even before starting your day? Do you suddenly feel irritated for no reason at all? If yes, it might be because of one of the most important parts of your house: your bedroom. You heard it right. There’s no other culprit but your disorganized, messy, chaotic bedroom.

Unfortunately, we often neglect this glaring fact: depression, anxiety, fatigue, and irritability are all effects of sleep disorder. And sleep disorder has a lot to do with that poor-dressed bedroom of yours! So, it’s high time to fix your unbalanced life with these five bedroom ideas to a balanced you!

1. Choose the Right Color

The color of your room is the last visible thing you see before going to bed, and the first one you can see when you wake up. Colors influence your mood; they can lift your mood or can also ruin it. If you think you are having problems controlling your anger or worry, you can choose blue color for your room. Color blue calms your mood and has the effect of taking your concerns away. 

If you easily get irritated on the other hand, you can fix that by changing your room to Green. Green combats irritability and even fatigue. Know the kind of emotion that you wish to exude every day. Then by knowing, choose the right color that would best trigger such emotion. For in every emotion, there is always an equal proper room color.

2. Choose the Correct Room Lighting

The right lighting is vital. There is a huge connection between your health and your room lighting. Studies have shown that depression has a lot to do with increasing lighting at night. It is highly encouraged that he must keep his bedroom dark in every sleeping time of an individual. If you keep your lights on every bedtime, chances are your mind becomes very active.

This clearly would deprive you of relaxation that would harm your health. Thus, at night, it’s not the time to be afraid of the dark. On the other hand, you cannot also go dark in the morning. Allow the rays of the sun to enter your room. Doing this can boost a high increase in Vitamin D production. Not only that, but sunlight entering your room can also help you get a more restful sleep at night.  

 Room for Improvement: Top 5 Bedroom Ideas to a Balanced You

3. Choose the Right Materials

Hard Bed, rough sheet, too big pillows, creaky floors, termites in the cabinets-materials do matter. Your beautiful and creative room designs are useless if, along with these are low-quality materials. High Quality leads to comfort, and comfort leads to a balanced and healthy life. 

One way of achieving this cozy yet comfy feeling is through acquiring an adjustable bed. It improves the cardiovascular flow for healthier and proper breathing. Thus, every material in the room must always coexist with the other. Your goal is that every material must bring warmth, and not destruction, to your room.

4. Choose to Declutter

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. A messy room is equivalent to a cluttered mind, or worse, messy health. Learn always to let go of the unnecessary. Do not hoard. Your room must always be your sanctuary. It must give you not only security but also serenity. If you think everything in your room is important that you do not dare to let go of it, you will never learn how to distinguish the significant from those that are not. 

This kind of mindset will never give you peace. This kind of mindset will always leave you wanting more that is unnecessary. Unfortunately, having more almost always results in a more noisy mind. Declutter your mind by decluttering your room.

 Room for Improvement: Top 5 Bedroom Ideas to a Balanced You

5. Choose Your Style

From colors to lighting to the right materials to decluttering, never forget your style. Never forget you. For no matter how good you are in following the rules to achieve that bedroom design tips for a balanced life, it is useless without you in it. Meaning, without the touch of your style in your room, it can never be called yours. 

In dressing well in your room, the rules or tips are as important as your identity. It is vital that when you enter your room, you feel very connected to it. You cannot love your humble abode if, in the process of following all these bedroom ideas, you forgot you. In a balanced life, having an organized, peaceful yet straightforward space, your style is most important. The most important is the element of you.


If you feel that your room isn’t anymore conducive and beneficial to your mental and physical well-being, following these simple guidelines will take you out from the storm. Indeed, nothing beats a balanced and homey atmosphere in your bedroom. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to achieve your dream bedroom design. Remember, a well-dressed room is a well-dressed you.