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Sambade House by Spaceworkers


A pure concrete volume, with rectangular base, is adjusted to the ground and opens into the green landscape. Located in the countryside near Penafiel, Portugal, Sambade House was designed by local firm Spaceworkers. The volumetric purity, desired by the customer, sets the mood for the project and the new inhabitant of the place is, now, one of the terraced fields of the perfectly balanced ground. Thus, the act of inhabiting unfolds through the volume of concrete, pure, raw, adjusted to the ground, just waiting to grow old as the days go by, reflecting the life of the countryside.


“We did not want delicate or shining materials to contrast the rural landscape,” explained architect Rui Dinis. “Instead we used materials that in some way connect the intervention with the existing site. The concrete and the weathered steel also reflects how we want the house grow old and merge with the surroundings.”

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