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Samsung the Frame TV Features and More Advantages

Samsung The Frame TV hanging on the wall in a dining room


When looking to buy the ultimate television that does not appear to be a TV, one need not look farther than Samsung the Frame TV. Samsung the Frame TV has a quantum-dot LCD that has been styled to look like a picture frame hung on the wall. Inherently, it can display art when it is not being used to watch videos or any form of motion picture and it interestingly looks convincing in playing that role.

The bezels of the Samsung the Frame TV can be customized with a full library of around 1,400 available digital artworks, wherein 20 are included in the price upon purchase. With this feature, it can be assumed that even the most detail-oriented home decorator will find it pleasing.

Samsung the Frame TV Design and Specifications

The Samsung the Frame TV makes use of replaceable bezels that are rectangular. These bezels jut out slightly beyond the LCD panel which is a 60Hz, 10-bit, 4K UHD at 3840 x 2160.

The back of the Samsung the Frame TV is flat completely, only with a shallow-profiled recess for wall mounting or attachment. And one will guess the obvious that it fits perfectly against the wall much like the typical picture frame.

If the Samsung the Frame TV bezel does not appeal to the color sense of the owner of the place where it will be hung or if it does not outright match the décor, customized bezels in different colors like white, pink, beige, yellow, and brown are available for around $100 each. These bezels can be attached magnetically to the main chassis of the Samsung the Frame TV.

The typical power and connection cables would tarnish the aesthetics of the Samsung the Frame TV, thus, it features the One Connect single-cable connection of Samsung. This clear cable connects to the breakout box that contains most of the electronic parts and all the ports of the Samsung the Frame TV. This cable will be hard to spot even when given an amply light-colored wall. The cable of the Samsung the Frame TV will probably stand out against dark surfaces more.

Inherently, a photo frame is rather useless without pictures. Thus, the Samsung the Frame TV’s memory can be supplied with more than a thousand from the Samsung Art Store. However, these Samsung Art Store supply is not all free. Every purchase of a Samsung the Frame TV warrants 20 free artworks and a free 3-month subscription to the Samsung Art Store. But after that, the subscription to this facility will cost $5 monthly and about $20 for every purchased artwork.

The Samsung the Frame TV is now currently available in 32-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch dimensions that cost around $600, $1,000, $1,300, $1,500, $2,000, and $3,000 respectively. Those eyeing buying the Samsung the Frame TV may want to wait for major sales like the Black Friday sale to get a discount.

Connectivity for the Samsung the Frame TV includes 4 HDMI ports – one to support ARC –, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet cable, a coaxial port for a TV antenna, an audio output that is digitally optical, and a 3.5mm jack for integration. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities are also present. The Bluetooth of the Samsung the Frame TV supports low-latency connections such that headphones and other speaker types can be used without experiencing any lag.

 Samsung The Frame TV hanging on the wall in a bedroom

Samsung the Frame TV Interface and Remote

The Samsung the Frame TV’s remote is the familiar One Remote of Samsung. The remote has minimalist controls and an overall layout. Samsung’s One Remote has a classy look and for the Samsung the Frame TVs, it is colored white.

Notably, the user interface of the Samsung Smart Hub is one of the industry’s best. The interface for the Samsung the Frame TV is a breeze to use and configure. The menu settings however require a different kind of drilling down as it never returns users to where they last left off when using the Samsung Smart Hub. But then again, considering that one only tweaks settings very seldom, overall it could not be a hassle.

A large collection of apps for the Samsung the Frame TV makes it convenient. Some biggies like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu are included as well. It may not par with Android TVs but it can compete with TVs of the same range.

Samsung the Frame TV Performance

Samsung the Frame TV assuredly delivers a quality picture. It possesses everything that a TV has for its intended role. The Samsung The Frame TV also offers excellent viewing angles. This TV has excellent screen conformity as well as no evident cloudiness can be noticed from the coatings.

When it comes to viewing movies and television shows, however, the Samsung the Frame TV may not be at par with Samsung’s more recent high-end models. But when noting who better displays static art, the Samsung the Frame TV reigns superior. For the other high-end TV entries from Samsung, the artworks will not look as good on the wall.

The best guess for this part is that Samsung does not usually make its best quality TVs in smaller sizes. Notably, the market for large-sized TVs has become saturated or perhaps consumers feel overwhelmed by them and the other smaller-sized high-end LCD TV sales are dropping in the market. The rationale for the Samsung the Frame TV’s functionality may be due to Samsung’s pushing its numbers in these directions.

Perhaps the Samsung the Frame TV is not as high-end when it comes to brightness or the pans of complex imaging, but its color is over-the-top with Samsung’s well-established reputation on quantum dot technology. Motion compensation for the Samsung the Frame TV has shown to be above average considering it only has a 60Hz refresh rate. The Samsung The Frame TV also offers enough peak brightness to the degree that the HDR effect is noticeable with HDR material. 

The Samsung Frame TV will not only sense ambient light it will also adjust accordingly to give the display the proper brightness when in Art Mode. Given normal lighting, all the more being hit by direct sunlight, the display would not be as impressive though.

Samsung the Frame TV Price Bearing

The Samsung the Frame TV may be quite pricey for its specifications but for the shape-conscious, it serves its purpose in terms of wall art displaying extremely well and better than any other TV on the market to date.