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SipaBoards self-inflating electric smart SUP

Uros Podlogar

SipaBoards, the world’s first self-inflating and jet-propelled smart SUP, delivers all the advantages of inflatables, like easy storage and transport, at the same time boldly breaking new ground with self-inflation and several hours of paddle assist from the electric jet motor.

Sleek and smart design provides users with the absolute best paddling experience. The self-inflation feature makes it a breeze to hit the water, while the motor-assist helps paddlers overcome difficult winds and currents, extend their range, and find that idyllic hidden spot. They are the perfect first SUP, with a wealth of features to impress paddlers of all ages and ability levels.

The innovative design has picked up a prestigious Red Dot Award 2015, taking the honors in the competition’s highest category – the Best of the Best. At this year’s ISPO – the world’s largest multi-segment sports exhibition – SipaBoards was chosen as a finalist in summer hardware category of ISPO Brand New Award.

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all images © Uros Podlogar | video courtesy of SipaBoards