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Software Development – What It Is, How It Works and Tips

Software Development - What It Is, How It Works and Tips

In the Information Age, software development is one of the most valued activities in the job market.

After all, the internet and computing are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

With each passing day, new technological solutions appear to change the way we did a certain task.

It is a digital and cultural transformation regarding software product engineering, as it encourages a new mentality in the general population, but mainly in entrepreneurs.

Those who don’t understand the importance of software in their business – whatever their area of expertise – tend to be left behind.

And those who recognize the significance of staying aligned with business development and innovation establish a robust team of software developers. They accomplish this by engaging the services of software engineer recruiters or conducting thorough research to identify skilled professionals who can contribute to their technological advancements.

What is software development?

Software development is the activity of creating computer programs, performed by a developer or group of developers.

It seems a somewhat obvious definition, doesn’t it? But do you know how this is done or, before that, what is software?

The software is a virtual product, consisting essentially of a set of codes – instructions written in a particular language of computing.

When the user is going to use software, however, he does not see codes.

This is because these instructions will be translated by the electronic equipment screen and presented differently or even materialized in actions in some types of devices.

The developers are programmers, that is, they write the program from the aforementioned codes.

But not every programmer is a developer because this nickname is assigned to professionals who participate in the entire software development process.

Therefore, it is not enough to just write codes.

The developer needs to know how to conduct a project, from conception, understanding what the client’s needs are.

The software development is a job that involves listening, gathering information, making prototypes, testing, adjusting, approving and implementing.

Software development is a complex activity, which requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Hence the high added value of the function.

What is a computer system?

The software, or program, is one of the parts that make up a computer system. The other is the hardware.

While the software is, as we just explained, a sequence of coded instructions, the hardware is the electronic device that will receive these instructions and translate them into a format that is useful for the user.

How does software development work?

When describing the work of a developer, it must have already become clear that software development is a complex process.

It involves several steps between the designs of the project – be it a personal project or a demand received from a customer – and its completion.

It also relates, especially when it comes to a team of developers, to a work methodology for project management.

We will detail these issues – the steps and methodologies used in software development – later on.

None of this would be of use without the code itself. Software can only be brought to life, therefore, with instructions written in a certain language.

What are these languages? They are standard instructions recognizable in certain systems and devices.

Using the right instructions in a particular language, it is possible to do the magic of turning words into actions or other elements on the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

It is worth mentioning that not all environments accept the same languages.

It’s like doing tourism: in some countries, only knowing a certain language will you are able to communicate.

 Software Development - What It Is, How It Works and Tips

Main languages of software development

There are a big difference between programming languages with languages spoken in different countries around the world, but there is an important distinction to be made.

The languages we are talking about here serve the world.

These are the devices and systems that will not necessarily accept all languages.

The point is that, within a language, the same commands will be used worldwide to give certain instructions.

Therefore, it is good that the programmer has a basic knowledge in English, as this is the base language in the creation of the programming syntax.

Without further ado, we will now introduce some of the most widely used languages worldwide for software development.


One of the most used languages in the world, it is widely used in corporate environments and to develop applications for Android on tablets and smartphones.


Do not confuse with the Java language. This is completely different, widely used mainly in the frontend, to create interactivity in web applications.


It is a highly recommended language for those who are starting to venture into the world of programming, as it is intuitive, easy to learn and open source. Python has various framework like Flask and Django. You may consider Django development services for custom software development. 

C ++

It is a variation of the C language quite popular in the development of heavier software, such as games and integrated management systems.


Language used mainly in the backend of websites, in the integration between the information of a web page and a MySQL database.

Know the types of development methodologies

Development methodologies are sets of practices designed to coordinate the work of creating software.

The software development projects involve many steps and many people. Therefore, they cannot be driven at random.

It is necessary to coordinate who does what, when, how and where. And it is not enough to define all of this in a meeting, stay on the floor and leave it until the end of the project.

The stages advance and the needs change, everything is very dynamic.

In this context come the software development methodologies, to give order to the way the work will be conducted and monitored.

Of course, everything must be planned in advance: the methodology used, who will be responsible, what are the deadlines, etc.

Whatever the chosen methodology, the work basically involves the following figures:

  • Developers: those who will receive the requirements and build the software
  • Project manager: responsible for controlling the progress of the work, making it possible for deliveries to proceed within the planned deadlines

We can divide the methodologies between traditional and agile.

In traditional ones, such as structured methodology, waterfall model and object-oriented programming, the scope is not very flexible.

For this reason, every QA engineer at Perfectial has given rise to agile methodologies, a requirement of times of digital transformation, in which it is necessary to have flexibility, smaller steps and constant feedbacks and alignment.