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Sports Betting Tipsters: What Separates a Professional Tipster from a Fan with a Laptop


It’s the age of the sportswriter when any fan with a Wi-Fi connection can publish their thoughts in text, audio or visual. We’ve seen thousands of aspiring journalists flood social media. They have a strong opinion on football, boxing, horse racing, whatever it may be, and they demand their points are heard and validated by the wider population.

A great time to be a sports fan with differing opinions, debates, and views all at the touch of a button. Inevitably, it didn’t take long for the newbie journos to make the career change into sports betting tipsters. This is more dangerous ground. It’s OK taking a random poster’s views on the weekend results and the form of a star striker but following faceless advice on how you should gamble your hard-earned cash is something quite different.

How do you know who to trust when it comes to following tips online? The sports betting experts working for SeoBrothers on a variety of high-end gambling products around the world are here to help. We explain the difference between a professional and profitable sports betting writer and a fan churning out ‘sure winners’ on the net.

All about beating the bookie

Firstly, we’ll point out we haven’t written this article to discredit anyone or pull rank over anyone out there giving reliable betting tips and opinions. We love to see sports fans make extra cash by backing their teams and athletes to win. If you have found a tipster that provides you with more winners than losers, that’s great news.

The object of this article is to explain the glaring differences between a reliable tipster and an amateur or unreliable source. There are many differing opinions on this one, but we will bypass the most obvious and popular points, such as a journalism degree or a CV boasting a career working for national newspapers as a sports writer.

Instead, we’ll break the following into bitesize chunks. Points we believe are vitally important to making a reliable sports writer and betting tipster.

There’s no substitute for experience

Experience is key. The top tipsters making a consistent profit from their bets have been over course and distance many times before. They know what works and they know what doesn’t. Having fallen into the traps set by bookmakers before, they show the scars of the ongoing battle against the traders but are now wise to their antics. This is what we are seeing from the team since the launch of Serbian MightyTips.

We’ve seen plenty of talented sports tipsters over the years but have never come across one that appeared from nowhere as an inexperienced bettor, made a huge profit on their first gamble and kept rhyming off big price winning tips thereafter. It would make a good Hollywood movie, but it would certainly be filed under fiction.

Experience comes from spending many years studying sportsbooks. Understanding the markets available, how to use the promotions in your favour, how important the small margins in odds are, in-play betting, when to cash-out, the exchanges. It’s not enough to be an expert in just one section of sports betting, a tipster needs to have a firm grasp of the industry and be able to keep up with changes. Online sports betting is always changing and evolving, so too must gamblers.

 Sports Betting Tipsters: What Separates a Professional Tipster from a Fan with a Laptop

Sourcing reliable information

The internet is awash with sports information. You can access head-to-head stats, trends, results, injury news, form, and just about anything else you need. The information is there but it’s important to remember that not all sports information is created equally.

There are no checking systems on the net so you must take your stats from a reliable and proven source. You’ve got to know the facts offered are indeed facts and not just more opinions. Taking wrong info could be devastating to your chances of beating the bookies. So, it’s advisable to check and then double-check before taking anything as true.

Some sources can be relied upon, almost without checking. The major news sites should be the first port of call for leagues and form. A bit like BBC Sport is ideal or the official Premier League page. Then stats should come from a trusted provider. When looking at head-to-head stats in football, for example, Soccer Base is a good place to start.

Insist on a profit/loss record

A reliable tipster will always provide their profit and loss column or a win percentage. This shows if they are beating the betting over a period or if their tips are losing money. A week or a month isn’t enough either. Any bettor can have a good period of form. To be considered a trusted tipster they must make a profit season on season, year on year.

If a tipster page doesn’t have information on past results it may be, they have something to hide. Trust us, if they have a good profit margin and success rate there will be no getting away from it. The tipsters will be eager to remind you of just how good they are at every opportunity.

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