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Stainless Steel Wall Shelves

Stainless Steel Wall Shelves

Stainless steel wall shelves are often used for storing various types of equipment at home, in restaurants and in catering kitchens. All possible accessories and dishes can be stored. Their shape and appearance does not differ at all from the usual wooden shelves, repeating their design. The complete difference is in the material itself, which is used for the manufacture of such shelves.

Stainless steel wall shelves must fully comply with sanitary standards, so the choice of l products of this material has been stopped recently. They are easy to clean, do not lose their presentation, original shape, and are not very susceptible to corrosion. These shelves are reliable due to the reinforcement with an internal profile and can be attached at any convenient place.

What are the advantages of wall shelves?

Also, ordinary cabinets are not always convenient for storage, when stainless steel wall mounted is the best solution. A lot of products or accessories for food processing are present in the kitchen, which just needs convenient storage and so that you can quickly get to them. For example, restaurant shelving from stainless steel in a restaurant will save time for cooks and waiters. Chefs will be able to have everything at hand and not waste time looking for the right device, spices, and other products. Waiters will spend less time organizing the table.

They have significant advantages:

  • Durability. They have an unlimited lifespan.
  • Resistance to strong external influences. Not subject to corrosion, resistant to components of detergents, chemicals.
  • Withstand heavy loads. They are able to withstand more than 50 kilograms of weight.
  • Hygiene. Such steel does not absorb odors, is easy to clean and you can always remove odors from previous cooking. 

Wall-mounted shelves are designed for use in different conditions and premises and are mainly cafes, bars, restaurants, kitchens of various institutions and industries.

 Stainless Steel Wall Shelves

How to choose shelves for the kitchen?

The first step is to decide on the option for using the shelf, in which room it will be located, and measure the area of ​​the room. Based on this, you need to already select the correct and convenient shelf for your purposes, build on the following points:

  • The shape of the stainless steel wall mounted has a standard rectangular shape. Some models have a side to prevent the dishes and drying racks from falling.
  • The depth of the shelf should be roomy enough and you can calculate this indicator if you know the already estimated dimensions of the product that will be stored on the shelf. The average is from 40 centimeters.
  • The number of shelves is generally taken in total from four pieces to a professional kitchen or restaurant. When it comes to the overall space, it is better to order a shelf with open shelving.

There are single-tiered, two-tiered, and three-tiered. If the structure of the shelf is closed, then special wire supports are installed inside for installing plates. With a collapsible design, it is possible to install side metal scarves, on which the shelf itself is attached, both from above and below, in order to more efficiently fit the shelf into the existing space inside the kitchen.