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Sunwheel Installation by Moradavaga, Porto


Inspired by São João popular cascades and by the wheel of the traditional water mills, Portuguese-Italian collective Moradavaga conceived an interactive installation made of hundreds of little golden moving plates. The work, titled ‘Sunwheel’, creates a connections between traditional water mill wheels and pagan rituals of the summer solstice, from which the traditional festivities in honor of the city’s christian patron are derived. The rotation of the 8 meters diameter ‘Sunwheel’, installed inside the fountain of Porto’s main avenue, produces changing effects throughout day and night, according to wind and light variations and the speed given by users, also creating varying reflections and movements on the existent water mirror.

  sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-2 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-3 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-4 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-5 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-6 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-7 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-8 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-9 sunwheel-interactive-installation-by-moradavaga-porto-10

all images and video courtesy of Moradavaga