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Taumascopio by Mattia Paco Rizzi

Mattia Paco Rizzi

Italian-French architect Mattia Paco Rizzi has installed an origami kaleidoscopic installation, completely covered with mirrors, just in front of the Zentrum der Fotografie Max Hunten Haus of Zingst, in north of Germany. The artwork, called Tumascopio, links the daily life in the street to something from another world.

People enter the artwork and change for a moment their view and knowledge of reality. Like that Taumascopio does not only offer to be a playful tool for children but takes adults in a space of meditation.


Sometimes the work almost seems to be dropped from outta space while the inside’s aesthetic in its perfection and beauty reminds of the high-quality design only used in boat and airplane construction.

With the two openings to the surrounding world on both ends of the work the people can exchange looks and fragments of themselves. The work is the perfect room to stop for a moment or take photos to bring home. The installation will be open for the next three years at the Zentrum der Fotografie Max Hunten Haus of Zingst.

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all images and video courtesy of Mattia Paco Rizzi