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The Best Neighborhoods for Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Interior of a mid-century modern house

Mid-century modern constructions are often near the heart of the US cities enamored with decades-old history and a treat of the eyes for homeowners. The sleek, clean MCM houses with curves and huge windows are fan favorites for people looking for a home with character in a rustic neighborhood. Well-kept and unique vintage yet modern architecture houses are an excellent investment as there is always a group of people looking for the perfect MCM home. 

The population surge after World War II created the current MCM neighborhoods around the US based in Washington, Texas, South Carolina, New York, and many more states. Moving to such decorated towns surrounding precious architectural infrastructure requires considering several things: home designers, geographic location, vacancy or occupancy, town history, property taxes, renovation cost, and more. 

The MCM houses have ample vacant land as front and back yards or as adjacent empty plots (often in acres); such lands are used for greenhouses, playhouses, and outdoor lounging areas. The proximity to the planned city centers, commercial zones, and school districts is perfect for a family looking for a larger home. 

Along with these features, the sophisticated neighboring structures with stories from the past made Mid-Century Modern Neighborhoods a real estate hotspot. If you fear you will end up in a derelict MCM house with a poor interior, there are so many renovation inspirations you can find with ease. 

 Interior of a mid-century modern house

Five Trendy Mid-Century Modern Neighborhoods Around the USA

Hollin Hills, Virginia

Are you looking for a MCM community around lush nature and only ten minutes commute from Washington, DC? Hollin Hills, VA has it all! Stunning greenery, revolutionary street design for traffic management (which still works), and affordable unit houses (starting from $500,000) make this neighborhood accessible for median income households as well.  

Unlike other mid-century modern neighborhoods where privacy might be a concern due to the tall glass window, the thoughtful placement of the house windows ensures that the indoors are private thanks to the mature trees and greenery. 

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs MCM neighborhood is inviting for people from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic standings. Even though the prices reach the ceiling of $10,000,000, you can still find affordable MCM houses within $400,000.

Resorts, shopping districts, and schools- you can get it all in Palm Springs. This neighborhood is the true bearer of American native history as the community used to be the settlement of native Cahuila people. These days the Palm Springs community is cherished by the architects, vintage lovers, celebrities, and politicians. Hence, the MCM neighborhood is in great shape and features all the necessities of the 21st century.  

 Interior of a mid-century modern house

Converse Heights, South Carolina

Filled with parks, mountain ranges, and historical museums, Spartanburg from South Carolina has many property listings- condos, townhouses, manors, and charming one-story brick homes. Even though the buildings are often centuries old, the custom-built houses like French Normandy or Tudor houses with modern facilities make Converse Heights the perfect choice for MCM lovers

The Converse Heights historic district is a close knitted community- primary residents are families with children. Even though the neighborhood might look old and dated, the community has enough means of recreation- thanks to the pathways for cycles and walks. So, the property price -starts from $300,000 and goes over $1,000,0000 and more- is pretty reasonable considering the facilities. 

Hudson Valley, New York

Known for the valleys, orchards, and the Hudson river, Hudson Valley is the dream mid-century modern neighborhood. NY being the cultural melting pot of many nations ensures that the community has inclusion and acceptance for everyone. 

However, being near the bustling and posh area of Manhattan along with natural beauty in a place like NY comes with a hefty price range- property prices start from $1,000,000. Considering NY being the hub of extravagant MCM structures, historic monuments, and convenience from business centers of the world, Hudson valley is the neighborhood people want to live in. 

Highland Park, Illinois 

Highland Park exudes the extravagance of the American lifestyle from 1945 to 1960. The large glass windows ensure that the indoors get enough of the natural beauty from the outdoors. This beautiful blend of nature with modern architectural techniques doesn’t mean the houses are secluded. 

Even though the price range is $500,000-$1,500,000 or more, home buyers are always looking for an empty property in this MCM neighborhood for the amenities and proximity to the school and commercial zones. 

Mid-Century Modern houses are one-of-a-kind creations designed by the finest architectural minds of the 20th century. You get to explore decades-old parks, and libraries, to satiate yourself with the true history of your living place. Even though the pricing might vary according to the state, the bond of the neighbors and their insider information is worth taking the extra hassle.