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The Different Types of Garage Door Drive Openers

The Different Types of Garage Door Drive Openers

A garage gives security to park cars, becomes extra storage space to your home, and provides investors and builders an area to do their craft. Your garage door has a huge obligation to secure what is inside your garage and make you and your family safe by working at a moment’s notice. 

Whether you are shopping for the most advanced garage door opener that goes with mobile phones and other devices model with a fast, reliable operation, you can find a garage door opener with performance, power, and features needed for your garage door and home. 

If you seek a new garage door or plan to change it, knowing the type of garage door drive opener is perfect for your demands will make a big difference. Here is a comprehensive analysis of various kinds of garage door drive openers so you can decide which one matches you from the best garage door repair company in  Arlington.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers are the most common and used garage door openers on the market. With simple instructions, they are a low-cost choice for any garage door. These systems offer high-powered, dependable service with an impressive lifespan, specifically with just and regular maintenance.

They use a metal chain to run a trolley, which lifts and shuts your garage door. This type of door opener is popular with household owners due to its economical but durability. For more contemporary comfort, you may want to invest in garage doors that have Wi-Fi to let you open or close your garage door with your phone. If you need a new one with your tight budget, a chain drive opener is the best choice for you.  

Belt Drives

Belt drives are the best garage door openers on the market. They are flexible loops of rubber and are used to operate two or more pulleys. Belts transport power from the handle to the garage door, letting it to open smoothly. They can come with wireless remote control. It allows you to open your garage door with the button of your car or even your smartphone. They also have automated self-adjusting limits, letting your garage door to measure how much power it needs to utilize. It helps limit strain on the opener, enhancing its energy-saving and lifespan. 

The best advantage that comes with belt drives is a guarantee, depending on the maker, to continue the lifetime of it. The warranty gives any homeowner peace of mind if the belt drive malfunctions, the warranty covers it. Another unique characteristic is the belt drive has DC motors with self-smearing gears protected in a steel housing and an automatic closing feature. 

Significantly, belt drivers openers are perfect since they are:

  • Quiet
  • Low Maintenance

They are excellent for various types of houses. However, we especially suggest a belt drive for homes that highlights the garage directly under or beside a bedroom or living room. 

 The Different Types of Garage Door Drive Openers

Screw Drive

On a screw-driven garage door opener, a threaded steel rod is in-control of the trolley, which raises and lowers as the rod twists. 

As with the belt drive, a screw drive comprises fewer moving parts, which means lesser problems over the long term. Screw drive openers are also more fluid and quieter than chain drives. Just like the belt-drive garage door opener, the screw-drive garage door opener is:

  • Quiet
  • Low Maintenance

Like belt drives, they are excellent for various houses, on any house where living and sleeping quarters are adjoining to the garage. The screw-driven garage door openers are a way better option due to the vibration-free smoothness feature. Moreover, the overall smoothness and quietness of a screw-driven opener during the whole operation make it a better alternative than other garage door openers.

Direct Drive / Side Mount

A direct-drive opener is less intricate than all opener kinds simply because the motor itself moves the trolley. Therefore, there is no belt, chain, or threaded piece in the whole operation. Not only does this explain the process of moving a door up and down, but it also occurs in a smooth, quiet operation that seldom needs maintenance. As such, the direct-drive opener is an excellent choice for properties of any size or layout.


Family Christian Doors, Your Garage Door Professionals

Understanding the various types of garage door openers can help you find and buy the best for your home. When you purchase a garage door opener, look for a garage door opener with safety features and an appropriate noise level. Moreover, look for a garage door that has an efficient design for opening and closing. 

When it comes to garage door openers, no one understands it better than us. We, the experts at Family Christian Doors, guarantee you a better garage door opener. Our garage door technicians train to keep updated on the latest changes in garage door opener technology. They have the right skills and equipment to get the job done well and fast. We are happy to assist you with our garage door opener options. Contact our team today at Family Christian Doors to receive more information about our offered services. We offer other garage door repair in Arlington TX as well. Give us a call now.