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The Felt Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow

UK artist Lucy Sparrow has restocked an abandoned cornershop in Bethnal Green, east London, with 4,000 handmade felt versions of familiar grocery items. Each item- from the bean cans, to the cigarette packets, the chewing gum and the porn mags- were made entirely out of felt: each item meticulously hand sewn, stuffed and priced by Lucy. During the month-long installation The Cornershop will be visited by both local passers-by and art audiences, once inside the shop they can not only view the products, but can handle, and even buy them. Lucy spent eight months creating the items, cutting the pieces of felt and stitching them into items typically found in a British corner shop.

All her highly huggable versions of everyday essentials are for sale, but will stay in the store for a month, during which time a variety of sewing workshops will take place, designed to engage the local community (particularly individuals with autism and sectors often socially excluded) in relatable, accessible art that’s relevant to them and their neighbourhood and has been brought right to their doorstep. People can sign up to these workshops in the shop and group workshops for charities can be arranged through Lucy.

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H/t The Jealous Curator