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The Right Way To Maintain Your Carpet- 5 Useful Tips

Photo Of Man Cleaning The Carpet

Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Wall carpeting can be a huge investment. And in addition to making your interiors look more organized and magnificent, carpets are a playful way to add your favourite hues into the spaces. 

But, whether it is your poochie’s fur or a spill accident by your toddler, your carpets are bound to get dirty. And, if you don’t take care of them, they may give off an unpleasant odour. And, let’s be honest; a dirty carpet is not only aesthetically unappealing but could also be the breeding ground for germs. 

So, if you are one step into purchasing your dream carpet or rug, here’s how you maintain them. Besides going for a regular carpet cleaning Surrey, you can keep in mind the following tips. 

Vacuum Your Carpet Every Week

According to the experts, vacuuming your carpet every once in a week can reduce the amount of dirt and debris on your carpet. And, if you have a pet or a toddler, it’s recommended you use that hoving machine more often. 

Frequently vacuuming can also reduce the general wear and tear of the carpet by getting rid of the small stones and grit that might have marred your carpet over time.

Go For Professional Steam Cleaning

Want your carpets to last longer? It’s highly recommended you go for steam cleaning services available at your local carpet cleaning store every once a year. Yes, this might be a little expensive, but it will involve deep cleaning of your carpet, which will remove the dirt and grit from every fabric of your carpet. 

So, besides the weekly vacuuming, go for steam cleaning annually. 

 Photo Of Boy Cleaning The Carpet

Keep Your Shoes Out

Your evening strolls or morning workout sessions in your favourite shoes might bring the dust and debris inside your homes. And while it is manageable on marble or wooden flooring, you would have to think twice with carpets. 

How do you fix it? Institute a no-shoe policy in your home and make sure everyone, including your guests, follows it. While this might seem like a lot of work and a little invasive, you’ll actually start enjoying the soft touch of the carpet beneath your feet. 

Place Rugs And Mats

We agree; this might seem like a lot. But, if you have floor-to-floor or wall-to-wall carpeting in the whole house, it’s best to place mats or small fur rugs on the carpet, especially where people spend most of their time. This could either be the kitchen, living room or hallway. 

This will protect the carpet underneath your mats and keep it safe from general wear and tear. In short, your carpet could last for years. It’s a great way to keep your carpets safe from stains. And, if your dog often urinates inside the home, you could place a pee mat near that area to avoid stains. 

Think About The Colour You Want

We get it; those neutral, beige-looking carpets look amazing if paired with your minimalistic walls. But think practical if you want your carpet to last longer. Neutral, light shades might look great but could turn out to be a bummer if you own a golden retriever. They’ll shed their hair all over it, and you’ll be left with a not-so-good carpet. 

So, if your family has a tendency to leave their stains behind or your dog leaving the fur behind, purchase a dark-coloured carpet. While this won’t stop them from staining your carpets, the damage would not be that visible compared to a light-coloured carpet. 

Summing Up

Your carpets can be the centre of attraction. And, you got to go for professional carpet cleaning services regularly to make sure the carpet surpasses the test of time. You can also consider steam cleaning or purchasing a dark-coloured carpet to make the stains less visible.