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The Ultimate Spring Clean Guide to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

The Ultimate Spring Clean Guide to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Spring is just around the corner, but before you start celebrating it’s important to hunker down and give your home a good spring clean in preparation for the warmer weather – after all who wants to clean their home when the sun is shining? Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way.

Start Today and Work Room by Room 

The biggest challenge when it comes to a deep clean or spring clean is staying on track. It is exhausting, which is why it is better to work room by room, get everyone on board, and know when to bring in a professional. 

In each room you will want to: 

  • Declutter 
  • Store Winter Items
  • Wipe Down Walls and Ceiling 
  • Deep Clean Upholstery 

To properly deep clean upholstery like furniture, carpets, or even mattresses you will need to bring in professional cleaning services. 

 The Ultimate Spring Clean Guide to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Focus on Repair and Maintenance 

Now that your home is clean it is time to properly maintain and repair the systems that keep your home comfortable. 

  • Service Your HVAC or AC Units 

The last thing you want is to realize that your AC unit is broken just before the first heatwave of the summer comes in. Though there are AC emergency repair services, it is always better to hire them beforehand not for an emergency repair, but for a routine check and clean. Preventative maintenance is key to keep your AC unit (and any other system in your home) in great working order. 

  • Deep Clean Your Oven 

For more complicated systems, like your HVAC or AC unit you will want to bring in a professional, but that isn’t as necessary with an oven clean. You should ideally clean your oven every three to six months. Tackle this job during your spring clean and be ready for summer, or, if you push it, fall. 

  • Deep Clean Your Fridge and Freezers

Take all the food out of your fridge and freezer and give them a deep clean. If your freezer has a lot of frost buildup you will want to chip that away and clean it so that it works more efficiently. 

  • Check Your Boiler 

To keep your boiler in good condition you will want to have it inspected every six months, and then drained about once a year. The more people who live with you the sooner you will need to maintain your water heater tank in this way. 

  • Clean Your Air Vents 

Have someone come in to deep clean your air vents. If you don’t dust, debris, and mildew can build up and then be blown into your home and into you and your family’s lungs. 

Take Your Efforts Outside 

Take your efforts outside next. Maintenance and cleaning doesn’t just occur inside, after all. You will also want to clean and wash your exterior, clean off any remaining debris from your roof and gutters. If it has been a few years then consider giving your exterior a power wash to remove any collected grime and if your window trimmings and doors are showing advanced sign of wear, sanding them down and resealing them.

These small actions work to prolong the life of your home from the inside and out. Commit to at least one big spring clean and you’ll see the results year after year.