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Tips and Tricks to Overcome Common Small Bathroom Challenges Like a Pro

Bathroom with bathtub

From cramped floor space to awkward layouts, small bathrooms can get difficult to cope with at times. But as much as you hate to deny it, there’s always a silver lining to a problem, given that you have a positive attitude.

Sure, using small bathrooms is a challenge, but there are certain ways you can tackle these problems, and if not, use them to your advantage. Let’s talk about 5 small bathroom issues and ways to solve them.

Why are small bathrooms a Challenge?

Small bathrooms in the UK are more common than you think. The standard bathroom size can be around 40 square feet in an apartment or a small home. The larger homes may have bathroom sizes ranging from 40 to 100 square feet, depending on the overall size of your bathroom. With the times the size of homes as well bathroom is shrinking. The latest research reveals that the UK has the smallest size of bathrooms in Europe. So, the bathrooms are getting, but what does it mean for a bathroom makeover? 

There is the various reason why small bathrooms can be a real challenge during the bathroom makeover process. Because the space is less, you have to utilize every inch with care. You should also know the best possible way can be to create your dream bathroom in a small space without compromising functionality and style. It is also important to know the challenges that you may face during this time so be better prepared to deal with them. 

Cramped Floor Space

The part and participle of the small bathroom is cramped up floor space. The problem gets more intense when the already limited space gets challenged by different bathroom fixtures. The tub, toilet, and vanity unit, everything compromises the space making the room even smaller.

Installing wall-mounted amenities is the ideal way to deal with the issue. Since they are attached to the wall with no contact with the floor, you have most of the floor to yourself. Making the room feel bigger than usual.

 Bathroom tiled with yellow ceramics

Awkward Layout

Given the limited space, designers or builders often have to make the best out of it, thus compromising the standard layout design. Not to mention, you have a loft bathroom with a sloppy roof that cuts out half of the bathroom space. Well, the answer to both cases is creativity. You have to think out of the box while designing the layout that helps you make the best out of the available space.

Keep in mind that as much as you’d like to fit in amenities in the limited space, make sure the utility of each fixture isn’t endangered. In the case of a loft bathroom, the commode should be installed against the shorter end of the bathroom while the shower is mounted to the wall opposite it.

Insufficient Storage

Whether your bathroom is big or small, storage is always an issue, especially if the bathroom is intended to be used by multiple people. However, unlike bigger bathrooms, you cannot install large vanity units or mount shelves here and there in small-sized bathrooms.

Instead of using the valuable floor space of your bathroom by installing a vanity unit cabinet, you can create storage space with wall cutouts. These storage niches make appropriate space for placing necessary items and decorative stuff as well. You can also consider installing a mirrored cabinet right above the basin or small bathroom cabinets. An extensive range of small bathroom vanity units and bathroom cabinets is available at Royal Bathrooms UK.

No Windows

In some cases, you may even have a bathroom without window. It can be incredibly problematic in many ways. Although UK housing codes suggest that every bathroom should have at least one window. But there are spaces where you don’t have any. Such space can easily become humid, a breeding place for mold and mildew. Moreover, in the existence of humidity and moisture can be bad for you and your bathroom furniture.

 Windows are fundamental to a bathroom, as well as they are to a bedroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to cope with a small bathroom devoid of any windows. Not it is natural to feel dark and stuffy in bathrooms like that unless you have adequate lighting installed that makes the bathroom bright as day.

You should use every lighting element you can bring into the room. Installing overhead fittings and around-the-mirror Led lighting can make the darkness go away. If you are looking to create an aesthetic appeal, better attach LED strips in the corner of the bathroom ceiling.

Shower vs Bath

There is never-ending debate between a bath or a shower. However, when you have a small bathroom, you cannot have both. That means you will have to make a choice between them. You may either keep a small 660mm enclosure or a standard size straight bathtub. Therefore, if you love both showering and bath, it may be difficult to decide which one to let go. When choosing the right fixtures for small bathrooms, homeowners often have to make the hard decision. Whether you should install a shower enclosure or go with a bathtub choice still remains debatable.

The answer should be more focused on your preference and daily schedule. If you want a quick shower that gets you fresh and attentive in the mornings, install a shower. But if you want to relax while simmering in water, a bathtub is the right solution. If you are still finding it hard to make a decision, you can go with a hybrid of the two.