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Tips for Easy Spring Home and Garden Maintenance

Tips for Easy Spring Home and Garden Maintenance

Although the last snowfall of the season may not be until mid-March according to AccuWeather meteorologists, Americans are already gearing up for milder days. After what was without a doubt a brutal winter in many parts of the country, it is important to make the effort to carry out some seasonal maintenance on both your home and your garden. By paying attention to everything from your windows and gutters to the quality of your soil and your lawn’s health, you will not only be able to improve the overall appearance of your home but significantly reduce long-term costs and protect your property against further inclement weather as well.

Maintenance around the home

The harsh winter weather can give various areas of your home, such as your windows, a severe beating. When the warmer weather rolls in, do a thorough inspection of your windows, searching for cracks and any damaged or missing caulking. Even though you might not notice the difference the compromised caulking is causing in your house when the weather is still mild, you definitely will once it starts heating up. If you notice any condensation on the inside of your double-pane windows, it is more than likely an indication of a damaged seal which will have to be repaired. Once you have ascertained that all your windows are in good condition you can proceed to give them a good clean that will afford you crystal-clear views of your beautiful spring garden.

Make your gutters a priority

Many homeowners are surprised by how much debris collects in their gutters during fall and winter. These clogged gutters can cause severe water damage to your fascia boards, your roof, and even your foundation. At the start of spring make sure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned and checked for any leaks. Even though cleaning your gutters is generally not a difficult task, many homeowners prefer to call in the professionals that can guarantee a job well done.

 Tips for Easy Spring Home and Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance

Spring is without a doubt one of the favorite times of year for any avid gardener. It is also the perfect time to pay attention to your soil, preparing it for another year. In order for plants and trees to grow, the soil needs to be healthy.

You can determine the nutrient levels and pH balance of your soil by conducting a simple test via an at-home testing kit. While testing your soil may seem tedious, it is a very important step to take if you want to ensure that your garden looks its best this year.

Spring is perfect for fertilizing

Although some cool-season grasses do better with fall fertilizing, spring is the ideal time to fertilize many other varieties. Apart from supplying your grass with important nutrients, you also need to prevent and treat weeds such as crabgrass to the best of your ability. It is essential to apply a quality, preferably natural herbicide to your lawn when fertilizing to prevent the pesky weeds from taking over.

As a homeowner, your house and garden are undoubtedly your pride and joy. Even at times when carrying out routine maintenance feels like too much of a chore it is important to persevere in order to keep your entire property looking its best at all times.