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Tips To Groom Your Beard Effectively

Tips To Groom Your Beard Effectively

Bushy or wispy, long or short, sleek or rough. No matter the style, a beard is always a statement. Many perceive it as an external expression of masculinity and a sense of style—little wonder. The facial fair has been in fashion for quite a while, and by a while, I mean forever. It is the most natural state of being.

Just take a look at the primitive man… A hairy-face, isn’t he? 

How about the Greek philosophers and their facial hair almost long enough to touch the ground? There is something about a beard that makes you look more thoughtful, right?

That is not the end of all this beard fuss. In ancient Egypt, facial hair was so desired, even female members of the royal family wore fake hair on their chins. Just because. No question asked. A beard is a beard. 

Although some men make it look so easy and innocent, an astonishingly-looking, neat, and clean beard is not a piece of cake to achieve. It comes with enormous amounts of dedication, hours of educating yourself on the subject, patience, and the ability to do things manually with almost surgical precision. Nevertheless, a vast majority of the lucky bearded men say it is worth it. 

Whoever you are – a juvenile with his first tufts of hair here and an experienced beard owner, and whatever you are looking for – a useful piece of advice or a fresh look at the matter, Prim and Prep has always got your back. 

The complex process of grooming your beard has been broken into three simple steps! 

Read on to understand how to nail it. 

 Tips To Groom Your Beard Effectively

Step 1: Choose your Style 

Different face shapes require different stubble styles. It is crucial to choose the one that suits you best. It should be adequate. Remember, it is a way of expressing your personality. A trim here or there can make or break the look and the way people will see you. Take your time. 

Like almost any other thing in this world, growing facial hair is a process. Selecting a specific beard type will also help monitor it.

Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Partial beard 
  • Goatee
  • Full beard
  • Sideburns
  • Chinstraps

However, always keep in mind that man’s ability to grow a beard is strongly dependent on his genetics. You want to develop a full beard but are doomed for the goatee? That is nobody’s fault. Don’t let an obstacle like that discourage you. Play to your strengths and make the most out of your facial hair! 

Step 2: Keep it Soft, Clean and Brushed 

It is neither pleasing nor encouraging to look at a beard with dirt or food bits on it. Obvious.

Besides that, it makes the already complex grooming process a dozen times harder. So keep it clean, please. Wash it regularly with a special beard shampoo, and never forget to put on some conditioner. It will make your facial hair much softer and delicate, aka easier to brush, which is the next important step. Use special combs and brushes. Run them both against the grain for the hairs to stand up and out.

When drying, try to skip using the hairdryer and let it happen the natural way. Facial hair is nothing like the one on your head. It is already dry enough without you torturing it with artificial heat. You can rub it delicately with a soft towel to speed up the process. 

Beard Oil vs. Balm: What’s the Difference?

Beard oil and beard balm both do the same thing- make your facial hair softer, stronger, more style-able. But how they work is very different from one another! Beard Oil goes on light enough so that you can still get plenty of coverage without feeling too heavy or greasy while also providing deep hydration to dry out any mini trimming needed in-between washes with soap water only (no shampoo). Balms, on the other hand, contain fats like avocado which provide incredible nourishment plus beeswax makes it easy to spread across small areas.

 Tips To Groom Your Beard Effectively

Step 3: Trim

The most crucial step, even if you aim to challenge the ancient philosophers with your beard’s length. 

No hair will grow appropriately without trimming. 

Let me repeat that. 

No hair will grow appropriately without trimming. 

Trimming gives your bristle the desired shape and helps you maintain an equal length of the hair around your chin. No matter the beard type, you will be aiming at adjusting the length of the hair growing on the four main areas of your bust: neckline, cheek line, lip line, and mustache. 

If you are a novice, find a proper beard trimmer before you start. There are sets available on the market that offer various size clippers attachment to make it easier for you. 

Also, some of the electric trimmers have a vacuum system built-in. Nice, right? The cut hair won’t make an unnecessary mess. 

Things like self-sharpening blades exist too. Do your research and pick wisely. However, remember that at the end of the day, a trimmer is to trim. 

If you already have some experience with the subject of grooming a beard, you could also consider scissors. It gives you the ability to be more precise than the trim, but you need to be very careful not to hurt yourself or mess up the look.  

It is best to finish everything off with a couple of drops of beard oil. 

All in all 

Although it may be time-consuming and sometimes monotonous, a well-thought grooming routine can work miracles. And if you start treating it as a guilty pleasure, not a necessary duty, it could even become your new obsession!