With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing and lockdown remaining a feature of daily life for millions, the entertainment streaming business has never been so lucrative.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime, video streaming is more popular than ever. Whilst TV series are loved, movies are still one of the most popular media forms to enjoy for many. From drama to romance to horror, movies remain top of the tree.

In this article, we will take a look at the best movies to stream during lockdown. We will look at different genres and subgenres, suggesting the best movies to enjoy from each!

Let’s get started with a look at the best action movies to stream during lockdown.

The best action movies to stream during lockdown

When it comes to the best action movies to stream during lockdown, it is tough to see any further than the Bourne trilogy. This is surely Matt Damon’s finest hour, a series of movies that arguably gets better with each instalment. The movies follow amnesiac secret agent Jason Bourne as he attempts to piece together his identity whilst on the run from a host of the world’s intelligence services in the process. For lockdown excitement, the Bourne trilogy is tough to beat!

Other great movies to stream during lockdown that are packed with action include the Die Hard movies, the Fast and Furious movies and many more besides.

 Best Movies to Stream During Lockdown 

The best casino movies to stream during lockdown

One of the world’s best loved sub-genre of movies is that of the casino movie. Whether it is the laughs that The Hangover brough us or the sheer quality of a movie like Casino, gambling has long been a popular topic for the world’s best directors to tackle.

Without doubt, the best casino movie of them all is Casino Royale. This 2006 instalment of the James Bond series of films has it all; action, humour and elegance – not to mention Daniel Craig at his finest! In a recent list of top 21 gambling movies created by New Casino Sites, Casino Royale came out number one!

The best comedy movies to stream during lockdown

After the year we have all had, comic relief is becoming more necessary than ever before! Ever popular is the hilarious charm of slapstick madness from comedy God Jim Carrey, whose Ace Ventura movies still provide a real giggle. If these are not quite your thing, Carrey’s beloved Liar Liar and Me, Myself and Irene are sure to leave you gasping for air!

For those with different tastes there are the comedy stylings of Judd Apatow and co, whose slew of hilarious comedies continue to provide a laugh or two. Movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad and others from around the beginning of the decade are sure to keep you engaged and giggling the whole night through.