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Top 10 Home Automation Ideas For Homeowners: By Experts

Tablet with home automation home control software

We are becoming smarter. We need smart solutions for everything. So, we built smart solutions to make our work easier at home as well. Now we have smart, automated ideas for homes. You just need to set up some devices and connect them with a central connection operator; then, you are good to go.

Now, for switching on or off the light, you just need to say it, instead of walking to the socket board and putting the switch on or off. You also do not need to roll the curtains after waking up; with smart home solutions, everything will be done automatically as soon as your alarm starts ringing.

Top 10 Home Automation Ideas For Homeowners

Here, we will talk about some home automation ideas, which you can implement at your home and make your beautiful home smarter.

Your home will have a “beauty with brains” vibe.

Jokes apart, let’s start with the main topic of 10 home automation ideas. Before starting, we would like to mention that if you are searching for some home automation solutions, you can learn more about Smith Thompson.

Smart Lighting

A smart, automated lighting solution is the very first thing you should get for your home. It is really annoying to turn off the light after you have settled for the perfect sleeping position. It becomes especially dangerous when you have to search for the switches in the dark.

So, you need smart lighting solutions for both your outdoors and indoors. For security purposes, you can automate the lights in such a way that they will automatically get on if the security sensor senses any type of motion.

Smart Security Camera

After all, we can not look out for the security and safety of our loved ones. You are installing a home security system, which is great, but when you connect them with smart automation technology, it will be able to ensure your utmost security and safety.

We have just mentioned in the earlier section that with smart sensors and light, you will be able to track any suspicious movement in your home compound. Your security has to be top-notch at your home in order to protect your family and your possessions.

Smart Window Blinders

Are you missing your mom for waking you up in the morning and putting up the curtains so that your sleep gets disturbed as the sunlight falls on your eyes? Well, smart home automation can be your mom here. You just need to tell it to set the alarm and automate it for doing some basic stuff.

By 7 A.M or whatever time you have set, the system will not only just start alarming but also automatically pull up the curtains. It also can be vice-versa. When you are going to take some rest, you can ask the smart solution to pull down the curtains.

Smart Thermostat

Now, this is something that’s an amazing solution and a lovely gift for those who feel cold, and the next moment starts feeling hot. With smart automation, you do not have to leave your bed or a comfortable reclining position on the couch.

From your bed or couch, you just need to give the command.

Raise the temperature.

And reduce the temperature.

By saying these two phases, you will get your comfortable temperature in your space with a smart, automated thermostat.

 Woman adjusts light with home automation software

Smart Laundry Notifications

The laundry task is quite boring. The most tedious job is to keep track of these things. In the middle of the week, when you are hurrying to go to the office, you are not getting your lucky shirt for the client meeting.

It is because you forgot to do the laundry. Now, you will have someone to remind you to do the laundry at a specific time when it should be done. Smart home automation has solutions for almost everything and anything. Now, you will not forget to do your laundry anymore.

Smart Automated Pool Cleaners

You have a pool!


Oh, you need to clean it every day before getting into it!

That’s bad!

Do not get upset; smart home automation has a solution for everything, as we have mentioned previously. So, now get a smart home automation system. Install automatic pool cleaner and make a connection between the two.

Now, with only one voice command, your pool will be cleaned while you are changing. Isn’t it really cool? Yeah, we know.

Smart Air Quality Control

Our earth is now filled with polluted air. We are responsible for this. It is great that we are working to make it better. But it will take some time; in order to keep the air inside your home clean, you have to get an air purifier.

But how will you know when you are required to purify it? Sometimes you might forget to power it on. So, get a smart automation home system, which will not only detect the impurities present in the air but also power on the purifier automatically.

Smart Weather Alerting System

Before making a plan for an outdoor pool party, never forget to check out the weather report. There can also be instances when there might be a sudden weather change, and all your plans are ruined halfway.

Smart weather alerting system can actually rescue you from this. It will keep notifying you whenever there is any new weather update. So, you can focus on planning the party and deciding the appropriate place, instead of being in the dark about the weather.

Smart Taps

Suppose you are cooking a new recipe by watching a video on your tab. Both your hands are dirty. Now you have to open the tap to clean them. Will you be able to do that without making the tap dirty?

Yes, you can. You just need a smart, automated tap and a home automation system. When both your hands are dirty, you can utilize the blessings of technology. You also can install a watering tap like this for watering the garden.

Smart Cookers And Ovens

After having a tiring day, no one likes to cook dinner. On the other hand, eating out is not healthy on an everyday basis. Smart home automation can rescue you here as well. But for that, you will need smart cookers and ovens.

Just add the ingredients, and give the commands for making the food. Your dinner will be ready by the time you come back after getting freshen up. Who doesn’t love steaming food after a tiring day? Well, everyone does.