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Top 7 Modern Luxury Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

Top 7 Modern Luxury Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

A fireplace can make a difference in your home. With the right design, you can make your space elegant and cozy at the same time. It’s even considered one of the defining points that set the tone of your home aside from being a heat source.  

Moreover, you don’t have to settle for traditional fireplaces. Instead, you can make use of the following ideas to create a modern luxury fireplace that can bring more vibe into your room:

1. Modern Double-Glass Fireplace

Modern and distinctive are the two adjectives that best describe a double-glass fireplace. It gives fireplaces to have a barrier to forestall any contact with hot surfaces.  

Originally, mesh screens were used as a barrier, but their appearance isn’t much appealing. So, it changed into a double-layered glass which prevents the outer part of the glass from heating up.  

For houses with a modern design, the double-sided fireplace is the next to pick. Although modern and luxury words don’t accompany traditional fireplaces, this double-sided fireplace is an excellent option if you want such descriptions.  

Moreover, double-glass fireplaces can be placed on the wall or, if you want, even as kitchen islands. The good thing about this type of fireplace is that it’s less noisy, but it produces the same amount of heat as a traditional fireplace would. Additionally, a double-sided fireplace is easy to maintain and looks expensive at the same time. You may find this and other fireplace accessories at Valor fireplaces and other nearby fireplace showrooms.

2. Asymmetrical Fireplace 

The asymmetrical fireplace has a different decoration style on the two sides. One may have a solid wall on the side, while the other may be situated beside a shelf. It differs from traditional fireplaces, which often have the same decorations on both sides.  

In addition, asymmetrical fireplaces have been gaining recognition lately, especially from people with eccentric tastes. When done correctly, this slightly unconventional fireplace can look extremely expensive and luxurious.

3. Geometric Artwork-looking Fireplace

A fireplace with a geometric artwork design is a great way to turn the heads of any visitor. This bold design makes the fireplace look more like a piece of art than a furnace.  

With such, you can use geometric design elements as a unique way to highlight a portion of the wall you want guests to see. As a result, it prevents the space that’s generally invisible from blending into the background.  

You can even add a chair and a lamp beside it to turn it into a reading nook. Whatever you decide it to be, you can make it an eye-catcher.  

 Top 7 Modern Luxury Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

4. Metal And Concrete

Modern home designs include a combination of metal and concrete. For fireplaces, you can try combining various metal elements. It includes plaster, tile, and steel to create an elegant composure to your furnace. 

By doing this, you can add a modern industrial vibe to otherwise a simple fireplace. Moreover, using contrasting elements produce an astonishing effect and comfort at the same time.  

5. Simple Designs

Avoid overdoing the furnace design by keeping it simple. For the most part, you can play around with different shapes as it gives a unique texture to the fireplace. Use sharp and angular edges and mix them with soft cushions such as footstools or rounded tables.  

But you must stick with the material you can find in nature, such as wood. It adds a luxurious feel without doing too much.  

Although you can mix and match different textures, make sure that the color palettes blend well together.  

6. Floor-To-Ceiling Fireplace

Another modern style is installing a floor-to-ceiling fireplace. You can incorporate ridged stone-looking walls: usually in dark tones such as gray, to tie everything together. It is one easy way to create a sleek and elegant-looking furnace.  

If you want, you can add a television on top to finish off the look.  

7. Marble

You can never go wrong with marble; they look timeless and elegant. On top of that, marbles are fire and heat-resistant. It means you can keep your fireplace burning throughout the winter without worrying about the consequence.  

It also gives a sleek and polished look which not only looks luxurious but is also durable. Most importantly, marble has a long lifespan, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.  


Whether you’re renovating your home to a modern design or building a new house, designing a fireplace can complete the vibe. You don’t have to spend much when you add these modern ethanol fireplace designs. By knowing where to buy fireplaces, you can save much while making a room stylish and luxurious.