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Top Things To Do To Beat Boredom On A Rainy Day

Top Things To Do To Beat Boredom On A Rainy Day

Ivan Samkov + Greta Hoffman from Pexels

As the days begin to draw in and the darkness steadily creeps up earlier, it brings with it the age-old prospect of just how to keep oneself occupied during those bleak winter days. 

Besides the winter colds and cases of flu, the ‘rainy day blues’ syndrome is a common complaint.  Part of this is physiological – the lack of sunlight actually stops the production of serotonin in the body, resulting in a state of mild depression.

The worst part of a seemingly endless run of rainy days is the sheer boredom that results from being stuck indoors. Fear not! Here are some ideas to chase away those rainy day blues.

Check out some dance moves, or create your own

There’s no better way to shirk off the sluggish sensation of boredom than getting the blood pumping with a session of dancing. Head over to a site like YouTube or TikTok, check out some of the latest dance moves and get jiggy with it. Find a clear space in the lounge room or games room and dance along like nobody is watching.

If the creative juices are really flowing, maybe it’s time to set up a TikTok account and upload a few choice dance moves. Perhaps the next viral hit will come out of a rainy day dance move!

Join an online community

Consider joining an online virtual community when it isn’t possible to get outdoors into the real world. Try one of the special interest forums and connect with like-minded people to share chats and ideas. Or choose a site like SimCity and build a virtual community of your own. Other virtual reality sites like spinpalace.com may take the fancy of those with a gaming bent.

 Top Things To Do To Beat Boredom On A Rainy Day

Start writing that book

It is said that there is a book in every person just waiting to get out. That book may only be a joke book, but it doesn’t matter. There are literally scores of people who have had dreams of writing a book, and these days the self-publishing world makes that a realizable dream.

The biggest step to writing is actually in making a start, so consider using that rainy day downtime to make that dream a reality. Get some words down onto virtual paper and start that writing career. It may be surprising just how easily the ideas flow once started.

Do a little cooking

If a little culinary creativity is more the thing, spend a little time in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe. If stuck for choice, consider taking a look online for a new exciting recipe.

For those ‘survival chefs’ who have stuck to a regular food fare, perhaps this is a great time to expand the cooking repertoire. There are plenty of instructional videos to be found online to try something a little new. Use the time to learn a new technique and cook up something scrumptious – your family and your stomach will love you for it (hopefully)!

It’s not all gloom

Maybe it’s not possible to get that much-needed dose of sunshine, but a rainy day doesn’t have to mean a day spent sprawled under the blankets mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Step it up a notch with one of these suggestions and chase away the rainy day blues!