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Trendy Office Revamping Ideas For Peak Productivity  

Woman sitting at her desk in an office

Did you know that a well-designed office can greatly improve your productivity? In fact, a study concluded that 97% of employees wanted their superiors to provide them with a better working space.

Therefore, it’s important to introduce some changes to make sure that your office space looks warm and inviting. If you want to know how to revamp your corner of the workspace, here are some great ideas!

1. Have a large office desk

This is perhaps the most important upgrade that your office space requires. If your desk is cramped or small, you won’t be able to work efficiently.

A large L-shaped office desk is perfect for people who have to store different items in different sections.

For example, one corner of your desk can have files and folders piled up while you can work comfortably on another section of the desk.

If you’re confused about where to get trendy office desks at an affordable price, you can always check out Zinus for quality material that goes well with the vibe of your office.

2. Hang artwork and flora

It might not sound like much, but hanging large-sized artwork or putting up flower vases in the room will brighten up the entire atmosphere.

You can either keep things simple by hanging minimalist black-and-white paintings or go bold and introduce pop art and colorful pictures. 

You can even add beautiful canvas works done by your friends or family members to show off their talent. 

Add a few flower vases and add fresh flowers or plants to boost your mood and make the room look more cheerful. Plants smell nice and purify the air in the office room.

3. Change the office entrance

You might already be familiar with the saying, “first impression is the last impression.” Well, when it comes to office spaces, the entrance of the workspace itself can tell a client a lot about the company. 

If it looks drab and boring, your customers will start off with a poor impression of your company, even if the products and services are great. So it’s important to revamp the entrance areas, such as the reception lobby or the main gate.

Make sure there’s ample lighting in these places, and the furniture there reflects your brand’s overall aesthetic.

 Woman walks in an office

4. Make your mission statement visible

Another quirky way of improving productivity throughout the office is to clear your company’s mission statement.

Hang a large poster of your office logo and tagline in the common space and other frequently-visited areas. You can even decorate an entire wall using your company logo’s color palette.

Not only will this catch the eye of your employees and clients, but it will also serve as a reminder that you take your work seriously. When someone sees the company’s motto, they will be motivated to work harder.

5. Maximize natural light

For the better mental health of your employees, you must also allow natural light to seep in through the windows. Sunlight boosts the body’s hormones and makes you more cheerful and productive. 

Additionally, the more access to natural light, the less the need to switch on artificial bulbs and spend a ton of money on electricity bills.

Try to broaden the windows throughout the office and create open-space workplaces. You can even add glaze-partitioning to allow moderate amounts of natural light to enter the building. This will make the rooms look bigger and airy.

6. Place mirrors and rugs

If you place mirrors and rugs strategically throughout the office rooms, your entire workspace will look much better.

Mirrors give the illusion that the room is bigger and brighter than it actually is. Not only that, but they also make your office look more professional and chic.

As for rugs, they’re perfect if you place them in small-sized rooms. Rugs also look great with any type of floor since they outline the space with physical barriers. 

Put them underneath the furniture so that they can accentuate the floor and make the room look more inviting.

Over to you…

While improving your office productivity might take a bit of time and money, the end result is definitely worth it. So try out these tricks and see the entire workforce’s productivity booming in just a few weeks!