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Urban Kraft Introduces the Strongest Paper Bags & Accessories


Urban Kraft introduces a new collection of bags and accessories inspired by the classic brown bag. Every product is meticulously handcrafted from durable, washable, super ­strong, tear ­resistant, versatile, and lightweight kraft paper material. Made to last and made to turn heads, guaranteed!

Every product has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up for you ­ the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, and the minimalist. It was created to accommodate the lifestyles of the ambitious, the motivated and the driven. Urban Kraft bags make it easy to carry your personal items to all your destinations.


The style and design distinguishes it from other bags on the market, with an interior and exterior that offers protection and large compartments for laptops, tablets, books, and all your belongings. So whether you are a student, traveler, designer, or professional, these bags will sustain you at all times.


Those who want it early or want to feel the Urban Kraft material can pre­ order and get their hands on these amazing products starting as low as $8 USD on Kickstarter and experience why it takes kraft paper bags to a whole new level!

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all images courtesy URBAN KRAFT